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why to buy vintage eyeglasses by vint & york

Here at Vint & York, we think expressing yourself is a right, not a privilege: Changing up your look is one of life’s simple pleasures — choosing the perfect pair of trend-forward eyeglasses shouldn’t cost an entire paycheck. Our high-quality, stand-out frames and their equally arresting low prices mean you and your unique personal look will be noticed.


The zeitgeist of the 1920s inspires us — the style, the spirit, and the good, old-fashioned American ingenuity. It’s the avant-garde roll of a woman’s stockings or the downturned brim of a felt fedora. It’s the pluck of a bass in Louie Armstrong's band, the spire of the Chrysler Building, the brilliance of a full-color talking movie, the crackle of a brand-new radio, the sweep of a surrealist's brush. The special curves, textures and eye-popping colors that Vint & York offers echo that creative joie de vivre for an amount that anyone, whether you’re a Jay Gatsby or just one of his lucky partygoers, can afford.


Our frames are designed in New York and made from high-quality acetate that’s as durable as it is stylish — comparable to the weight of high-fashion frames — so getting your money's worth for these swanky vintage glasses is a given.


Plus, you don’t have to guess which design looks best on you: Try our Frame Trial option and choose up to 5 five frames from our vast selection of different styles and try them on in your living room, in front of your bathroom mirror, with your most trusted friend…


Grab a single signature pair of frames, or buy a pair for every outfit.


Try them out. Pick your favorite. Rock your neighborhood.


—Vint & York