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why to buy vintage eyeglasses by vint & york



Founded in 2012, Vint & York is a New York based eyewear company specializing in vintage inspired and retro eyeglasses and sunglasses, founded by Larisa Ginzburg.

Vint & York designs and sells its own collection of carefully created prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Our wide range of glasses for everyone to find the perfect frames to pair with any style.

We shared our first pair of frames in 2012, but the idea started years earlier, when Larisa Ginzburg, Vint & York’s founder, had the courage and the inspiration to do something about changing the eyewear business, so anybody could wear the frames of their dreams.

This is how the Vint & York quest begun, with a clear mission: to become the go to place for beautifully made frames that match you in every possible way. In our eyes, there's no reason why you can't claim your look with the perfect glasses without having to spend a fortune.

“Expressing yourself is a right rather than a privilege. Trying on different looks is one of the simplest ways to enjoy life! And a perfect pair of fashion-forward glasses shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our high-quality, catchy frames at temptingly low prices are a promise that you’ll enjoy the eyewear wardrobe you always wanted.” - Larisa Ginzburg, Founder


While our debut collection, The Roaring 20s, was released, we also launched our online store under the same name, at

In February we released our first exciting vintage inspired sunglasses collection, and later in 2014 we successfully transitioned from an online-only store to a hip flagship store.

The Vint & york flagship store is located at the heart of trendy and fashionable NoLita neighborhood and few blocks from Soho. Vint & York offers a fresh take on shopping for prescription frames and sunglasses. The store has a wide array of boutique quality eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women, in styles ranging from hipster, nerdy and geek chic to classical and retro.


If you're wondering what we stand for, you can take a look at our brand's name.

Each piece of eyewear with the Vint & York name is designed in New York and inspired by the 1920s fashion. A time when artistic exploration was celebrated and individuals knew how to carry themselves.

“We took the best of vintage and redesigned it into new frames, that are stylish, current and modern.” - Larisa Ginzburg


All of our frames are designed in New York, and made from high-quality acetate that’s as durable as it is stylish, comparable to the weight of high-fashion frames. All our lenses are of the highest quality. Our sunglass collections feature ZEISS lenses and sun lenses by Carl Zeiss. Our eyeglasses feature polycarbonate lenses with complimentary A/R coating.

Our eyeglasses and sunglasses collections vary. We have frame styles and colors to suit all tastes and characters - from the classic rectangle styles to the daring and flamboyant 60’s inspired cat-eye glasses.

“Vintage-inspired clothing and accessories have been a really strong trend in fashion for quite some time. At Vint & York, we’ve taken some of those fashion elements from vintage-style accessories and clothing and combined them in the glasses we make.” - Larisa Ginzburg

Vint & York’s main values are individuality and expressionism, and these are the things we keep in mind when we design and create our eyewear.

We’re firm believers in self-expression, and we think that the best way to do it is through a cool pair of vintage inspired or geek style eyeglasses or sunglasses.

GO AHEAD & SHOP our fashion-forward frames!


The spirit of the 1920s is something we draw our inspiration from – the style, the atmosphere and the good old-fashioned resourcefulness of the Americans.

It’s a felt fedora with a downturned brim or the sound of Louie Armstrong’s trumpet. It’s the New York skyline dominated by the Chrysler Building or the excitement of watching a full-color sound film. It’s the voice from the recently invented radio or the stroke of a surrealist’s brush.

All these special lines, textures and saturated colors are recreated by Vint & York for you to be able to experience that joie de vivre that was the highlight of Jay Gatsby parties.

We always had a passion for all things vintage and retro - be it clothing or art. Couple that with our love and slight obsession for fashionable eyeglasses and sunglasses and you’ll understand what led us on this memorable and fulfilling journey.



All of our styles start at $109. There are no unnecessary upsells — one price buys you high-quality frames outfitted with single-vision polycarbonate lenses, including premium anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

“Before starting Vint & York, I worked in an optical store that carried major designer brands. But they were expensive, customers were fed up overpaying on these prices, and wanted stylish eyewear at a reasonable price point, without compromising style and quality. That was my initial idea: to design and source eyewear, then offer it at a reasonable and affordable price point. We want you to not only like your frames, but to love them.” - Larisa Ginzburg

Our lightweight, impact-resistant lenses provide 100% UV protection — we won't tack on any additional charges for options that are essential for optical performance. We think that's only fair, because here at Vint & York, you come first.

Every prescription is validated and filled by a licensed optician, so you can be sure that the lenses you get are exactly what your doctor prescribed. With us, accuracy is non-negotiable. We have more than 15 years of optical dispensing and eyewear design experience.


Eyewear consultants will help you choose the best styles that suit your face, style and personality. All work is done by onsite lab.

Licensed opticians will fill all types of prescriptions including single vision, progressive, prescription sunglasses and beyond.

One hour service is offered and comes in handy - you can go for a cup of coffee or just stroll the lovely streets of NoLita and pickup the eyeglasses at your convenience.


Larisa has always expressed a passion for fashion and design. Her extensive background in the eyewear and optical industries, as well as the technology sector, has helped her to create the Vint & York eyewear collection.

Not only did she achieve success in her eyewear designs but she also created a top-notch and very personal shopping experience for all Vint & York customers.

Larisa oversees and manages the day-to-day running of Vint & York and is hands on when it comes to Vint & York’s eyewear design and any other creative aspects related to Vint & York’s new eyewear collections.


Vint & York was covered by major media such as Bloomberg, ELLE, Observer, Supercompressor and Thrillist. Our eyewear frames have also been featured on talk shows, such as Extra and Wendy Williams. We’ve also partnered with influential fashion bloggers such as Leandra Medine, the founder of the Man Repeller blog.

“Upending a boom in fabulous eyewear, New York-based Vint and York is out to make new icons.” - Observer

“Vint & York glasses are quite a spectacle. The brand is about the almighty freedom of choice — the knowledge that you can have more than one perfect pair of glasses” - Thrillist

“The “geek glasses” in this collection are for the trendsetters – the ones who aren’t afraid to put their personality front and center: on their face.” - Man of Many



Are you a journalist or editor who’s looking for fashion eyewear or optometrician experts to help out with a story? Our eyewear specialists and designers are ready to answer all of your questions, no matter how big or small. Contact us today at press [at] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We’ll make sure you have everything you need to create an interesting and engaging story.


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Do you want to be part of an amazing team and you think you can grow our brand to new heights? Send us your CV and let’s talk: jobs [at] We look forward to hearing from you! Create your signature look with our affordable, durable and stylish glasses!

The Vint & York Team