Clip-On Shades

Clip-on Sunglasses that fit over Prescription Frames

Two looks in one: clip-on sunglasses give you the best of two worlds! You get to choose when you wear them as eyeglasses, or when you need a stylish pair of shades to keep prying eyes away.

These fashionable clip-on sunglasses sets created by our designers at Vint & York go from prescription glasses to sunglasses seamlessly - just press on the sun lens, available in polarized and non-polarized forms, or detach it, whenever your situation calls for it. Don’t be misled: even though they give you two stylish options, their high-quality metal frames are as light as a feather!
We designed them by taking inspiration from vintage silhouettes that we revamped into cool, new styles that work for men and women altogether. Go for the flattering '20s perfectly round style or the '70s square navigator aviators, and you'll be sure to invest in a clip-on frame that never goes out of style.
So go on, see how you look in them with our realistic Virtual Try-On and up your eyewear game with a frame that can do both!
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2 Items

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    As low as $149.00