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Accessories can make or break any look. The right addition can pull everything together while the wrong balance just leaves it all somewhat off. Glasses and sunglasses are important accessories, but it can be difficult to find the pair that truly complements your face.

The best place to start in your quest for the right glasses or sunglasses for you is your face shape. In general, four face shapes are recognized: square, oblong, heart-shaped and round. To determine your face shape, trace your face’s outline on a mirror with a dry erase marker or bar of soap.
If your forehead is the widest part of your face, your chin is rounded, and your face is fairly long, you’re in luck! You have an oblong face — one of the easiest shapes to fit. Oblong faces can go with just about any shape, so long as you keep proportion and skin tone in mind.
Medium and larger sized oblong faces can find balance with thicker eyeglass frames in bold colors, so go ahead and glam it up with oversized round sunglasses in a bright sunset hue. Or play it super-cool in nerdy-chic retro frames that combine metal and acetate for a sturdy look that’s all business. Darker skin tones with heavier eyebrows can handle any strong color, but lighter complexions might lean toward metal or white frames — which are having a moment right now.
Smaller oblong faces should consider lighter colors or clear eyeglass frames that are on trend yet won’t overwhelm delicate features. Half frames and frames with gradient color also make the most of an oblong face without stealing the show.
Whether you’re into old-school aviators with clip-on sunnies, classically cool rectangles that make a statement or cat-eye cuties with serious attitude, our collection of Eyeglass and Sunglass Frames for Oblong Faces has something for you. Check them out on our easy Virtual Try-On Page, and get ready to rock your new look.
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