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Buy sunglasses online with Vint & York vintage-inspired styles from the 1920s and beyond that shade your eyes with prescription or non-Rx lenses of the highest quality. We’ve curated an impressive collection of frames for sunglasses that is as unique and stylish as you are. These beauties bring the glamour to any situation, whether you’re walking the red carpet, lounging at the beach or snapping a cool selfie. All the frames in the Sunglasses Collection at Vint & York are made from high-quality materials like celluloid acetate in a gloss finish. Prescription sunglass lenses are carefully crafted in our U.S. lab, and non-Rx, photochromatic and blue-light protection options are available. Use our simple Virtual Try-On Page to see how great our sunglasses frames look with your favorite hairstyle or bathing suit before you pull the trigger.


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