Tortoise Shell Glasses and Sunglasses

Trendy but Timeless Tortoise Shell Glasses

Versatile yet splashy, tortoise shell glasses have long been a symbol of refined sophistication and style. These glasses feature a distinct pattern in marbled shades of brown to mimic the ones that were originally crafted from actual tortoise shells or horns. But don’t worry — no animals were harmed in the marking of our horn-rimmed glasses! These bold beauties are made from durable, high-quality celluloid acetate so they perfectly showcase this classic pattern yet are tough enough for your everyday life. If you dream of a pair of signature horn rim glasses featuring that desirable brown swirled pattern, you’ve come to the right place. As an expert in vintage-inspired eyewear, Vint & York specializes in recreating stunning specs from the past and repurposing them into fresh, modern designs. Grab a pair of tortoise glasses from our selection in a contemporary round or oversized silhouette to help play into this old-school aesthetic. Prefer to make a massive splash? We’ve got colorful horn-rim glasses too that take a page from the classic handbook but give it a little twist at the same time.

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, Readers and More

Check out our complete tortoise shell collection for trendy tortoise shell sunglasses featuring premium-quality, UV protective lenses. No matter if you go for our prescription lenses, readers or sunglasses, you can count on exceptional optical quality from Vint & York. Our prescription lenses are precisely crafted in our in-house lab to suit your unique needs and feature an anti- reflective, anti-scratch coating to keep them in great shape. All of our tortoise shell shades are finished with cutting-edge Carl Zeiss Sunlenses that keep your eyes shielded from damaging sunrays.
When you buy eyewear from Vint & York, you can count on the perfect blend of quality, style and optical precision.
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