How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Square Face: Tips on Finding the Best Fit

Want a square answer? Fair and square, having a square face is a square deal. Eyewear for square-shaped faces is as versatile as the word itself. Although limited to rounder eyewear silhouettes, they come in different styles and colors that offer you a large array of possibilities to choose from.

Check out which are the best glasses shapes and styles for a square face that will make you look like a million dollars!

trendy eyewear for square faces

The Swinger round sunglasses for square faces – Make them yours!

Glasses That Are A Perfect Fit for Square Faces

Square Faces. You can spot square shaped faces by their angular and straight features and lines.  The angles of the forehead and jawline are well defined. The cheekbones are straight with almost no prominence. Square faces need some roundness to balance them. Square jawlines and sharp features are common on square faces.

  • Choosing glasses for square shaped faces should focus on softening defined, prominent and sharp, harsh lines. Pick frames that add slightly curved edges, which will bring in more balance.


  • Those with square faces are often told that they need to soften their features, which can be done by wearing glasses that sit high up on the bridge of their noses.
  • Eyewear specialists often tell their customers with square faces to choose either round or oval shaped glasses to balance the face and make it look slimmer.
  • Curves and shapes are your best bet at balancing your features.
  • Look for thinner metal frames that blend in easily, in simple colors such as bronze, silver, and gold to soften your features.


  • Avoid boxy shaped glasses as they will draw more attention to your angular features.
  • Straight lines and corners, characteristic of geek/nerd glasses are a no go.
  • Thick, acetate frames should also be avoided. Thin ones will resonate much better with your features.

Best style fit: Round, Cat Eye, Oversized Aviator & Nerdy/Geeky


round glasses for square face

The Owl – See here!

Due to its incredible popularity, the Cat Eye silhouette has been restyled in numerous ways.


Bearcat Sunglasses – Get yours here!

The Bearcat cat eye sunglasses for square faces are a hybrid frame, specially adapted for the angular face. Bearcat proves that oversized cat eye glasses are good for square faces.

The popular Aviator style can also work for square faces – if it’s approached properly.

One of the best ways to style them is to choose Aviator glasses that are as rounded as possible. However, there’s not much you can do about the browline. 

aviator-sunglasses for square faces

The Fairbanks Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Browline glasses don’t usually fit square faces and standard Aviators will always have a flat browline. Usually. However, you can give these babies a try and see how you feel about them. 

Aviator sunglasses for square faces

Western Front Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

But with this pair don’t really have to worry about that. Focus on finding a frame like Western Front – heavily rounded on the sides and in its lower part.

Aviator eyeglasses for square faces

Fly Boy Aviator Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

An Aviator eyeglasses frame with a slightly curved browline can be just the remedy for your angular features. The Fly Boy Aviator eyeglasses one of the best choices for square face people.

A style which is usually associated with square or rectangular frames, geek/nerd glasses can take other forms. Here how you can wear nerd/geeky glasses if you have a square face.

The first rule is to lose the corners and to go with curvy lines. Take the hipsterish IT, for example, an oval prescription frame ideal for women with wide square faces. The glasses are thin at their middle part and grow wider as it reaches the sides.

oval eyeglasses for square faces

IT Red Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

oversized red eyeglasses for women

Best shape fit: Round & Oval


Flight of Fancy in Onyx – get yours here.

Matching square faces with glasses is pretty easy – just look for round frames. That’s it!

The first frame that people with square faces should consider is the round metal frame. It’s a unisex model and it looks equally amazing on both men and women.

Round Metal Eyeglasses for small square faces

Mojo Round Metal Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

Round metal frames are the best glasses for square faces. The bring harmony to your angular face and flatter it with an interesting look. Also, they are small which makes them a good fit for square faces.

 Round classic sunglasses for square faces

Juice Joint Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Round metal frames can come with prescription lenses or sunglasses lenses, depending on your needs. The round sunglasses are ideal for men and women with square faces.

round sunglasses for square faces

Juice Joint gold metal sunglasses – See them here!


Poster Child Sunglasses in Onyx (her) and Pecan (him).

Either way, with these stylish frames, your square face will act as a canvas that illustrates exquisite style and attention for details.  


Watson round glasses for men and women – see more styles here!

glasses frames for square face

Owl glasses – See here!

Besides contrasting with the angular features, they take space off your face and keep up with the size of it. Large round glasses such as the Owl are perfect for bigger square faces.

If you are a man with a square face looking for a definitive frame for you, then follow this principle: the thicker the better.

thick frame round eyeglasses for fat square faces

Great Escape Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

These fancy round glasses should keep your wide square face good company.

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