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VINT & YORK Jetsetter present "The Time Capsule" Eyewear Collection, four bold limited edition frame inspired by the collections of the Smithsonian. The VINT & YORK Design Team was inspired by the vast collection of the Smithsonian's historical artifacts from the 1920s-1960s. With these references on hand, the designers started sketching the new frames: a browline, round, cat eye, and a square silhouette were created. Our goal was to bring vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses silhouettes into the present.


A unisex signature frame that echoes the lines of the Bell X-1 aircraft. With a low nose bridge and a juxtapose of straight lines with a curvier silhouette, this frame is so unique that you can't pass it up.

The name tells the story of an unrealistic idea or fantastic notion - a pipe dream. An overachiever. This is how we saw the wearer feeling while wearing this.

The frame comes in three colors: Shiny Amber Tortoise, Shiny Black and Shiny Green.

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A refined round frame inspired by the 60s, with a keyhole low nose bridge. The frame evokes a sense of nonconformism and youthfulness with a whimsical feel of optimism.

The name pays a tribute to Betty Brader's innovative illustrations; with a name like Poster Child you are certain to become a trendsetter wearing these iconic frames.

The frame comes in three colors: Shiny Black, Shiny Old Fashion Demi and Clear. It features discreet gold signature accents on the bridge and inner temples.

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A wide masculine frame that evokes a sense of confidence and prowess. With a distinct low keyhole bridge, the square silhouette has been scaled to a more wearable shape.

The name is a vintage slang that refers to someone influential. This style reminds us on the sunglasses that dapper ad men would have worn in the 1940s.

The frame comes in three colors: Shiny Dart Tortoise, Shiny Honey Demi, and Matte Transparent Light Brown.

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An oversized bold cat eye that makes a statement without being too heavy. Accented with sinuous coiled temples, this frame evokes a sense of uniqueness and unapologetic femininity.

The name enhances the original source of inspiration, as it means an exceptional person or thing; A rarity - nothing looks better than a flattering and artfully crafted cat eye frame.

The frame comes in three colors: Shiny Brown Demi, Shiny Black and Shiny Green.

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