Men's Classic Glasses and Sunglasses

A classic never goes out of style. Whether it’s a 1965 Shelby Mustang or the trench coat Humphrey Bogart wore in “Casablanca,” some things retain their cool factor for generations. At Vint & York, we’re inspired by the classics every day, letting them lead us to new interpretations of classic design that stays true while opening a world of modern possibilities.

The Men’s Classic Collection at Vint & York includes glasses and sunglasses that bring tried and true looks into the 21st century. From updated aviators to browline styles Fitzgerald himself would approve, our collection of modern classics has something for every leading man out there. Embrace your inner nerd with geek-chic styles that make a bold statement in the boardroom and the barroom. Real-looking woodgrains make square so hip you’ll love how they complement everything from jeans and a T to your navy three-piece suit.
For the strong silent type, a classic rectangular frame levels up with bold hues like Blue Velvet and Candy Red. Or follow the lead of television icon David Letterman and see how clear eyeglasses for men in a rectangular shape makes the classic look squarely up to date.
All the high-quality glasses and sunglasses frames at Vint & York are made from durable materials like celluloid acetate and real metals. Our classic frames for men are made with your demanding schedule in mind, so you can be sure they won’t fall to pieces in a crisis. Just as these classic designs will still be cool next year or next decade, your Vint & York frames are made to go the distance.


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