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Retro-Cool: Old-School Eyewear for Men

Capture that old-school aesthetic with Vint & York’s retro glasses frames for men. Taking cues from all things vintage, men’s glasses in this collection harken back to the many golden ages of eyewear. From the iconic Buddy Holly-style frames of the 1950s, to the authoritative aviators of the 1970s. It doesn’t matter if you fancy yourself more of a Tom Cruise circa Risky Business or an Elton John at the height of his eyewear obsession, you’ll find something to complete the look at Vint & York. Shop classic glasses frames, men’s retro sunglasses and more here. Different things come to mind when you hear the words retro or vintage. Eyeglasses that fall into this category may be either super funky — (artsy acetate frames were all the mid-century rage, after all) — or super classic, never go out of style. If you’re looking to make a big statement and want to add some big pizzazz to your look, consider one of the bold frames in our assortment of 1950s eyeglasses for men. Unique, authentic textures and unexpected color pairings make them stand out. For a more classic approach, check out our retro wire frame glasses or something with a clear frame.

Exclusive Men’s Retro Sunglasses

Love what you see? Not only do we specialize in producing exclusive, designer eyeglasses that you can have customized with your prescription lenses, we’re also huge on vintage-inspired sunglasses for men. Our high-quality shades are made to last with Carl Zeiss Sunlenses that provide exceptional quality optics as well as UV protection to keep your peepers safe. With options for every face shape, personality and budget, you’ll undoubtedly find your new favorite pair. If you aren’t sure, be sure to use our virtual try-on tool before you buy.
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