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The Perfect Gift for Vintage Loving Trend Setters

As a fan of our sassy and stylish geek chic glasses, why not offer your similarly stylish loved ones a Vint & York E-Gift Card for their birthday, holidays, or just because… Introduce them to a world of nostalgic designer glasses that artistically embrace timeless classic style with a modern touch.

It couldn't be Simpler

Just choose the value of your E-Gift card, complete the online form, and your perfect gift will be on its way. Then get ready for the fallout - your delighted loved one will trust your style judgement for ever more!

Can I select a customised value of the E-Gift?

Our Gift Cards are available in the following convenient denominations:

$109 (will cover most of optical frames including the prescription lenses),

$129 (will cover most of sunglasses),

$149 (is good for our optical frames from metal collection including prescription lenses)

$169 (is good for our NEW City Collection)

*If the total order exceeds the E-Gift Card's value, the buyer can cover the remaining amount through a regular payment option.

How does the recipient know the gift is from me?

The recipient will receive an email containing your Name and your custom message along with the E-Gift Card.

How do they redeem their E-Gift?

The E-Gift card is a coupon code with a selected value. The lucky receiver can redeem it on our website for any purchase directly from the shopping cart once they make their selection.

Vint&York E-Gift Card

The Vint&York e-gift card will reach its recipient when you decide. It can be in minutes or exactly on the date of your choice.

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Vint&York E-Gift Card

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