Women's Round Glasses and Sunglasses

Women’s Round Retro Glasses & Sunglasses

John Lennon’s iconic image in perfectly round wire-rimmed sunglasses epitomizes the counterculture movement of the 1960s. But his look was paying tribute to an earlier time when intellectuals and academics sported round spectacles, and Hollywood legends like Marlene Dietrich looked glamorous behind oversized round sunglasses.

Round was the original shape of eyewear for early Christian monks interpreting manuscripts — and it’s never really gone out of style. Most face shapes look divine in some form of round frames, whether it’s a rounded rectangle in a gradient gray or a modified aviator with a hint of steampunk. And the Women’s Round Glasses and Sunglasses Collection from Vint & York includes those and everything in between. Go classic with simple and durable round metal frames in matte silver or gold that can accommodate most prescription lenses, including progressive bifocals. This timeless look is also great for sunglasses with or without a prescription, making them even more versatile.
Go big with oversized round frames in colorful celluloid acetate that makes a bold statement or durable metals that keep it understated. Big sunglasses help protect your eyes from UV exposure while keeping prying neighbors at bay. And they make for the most glamorous Instagram posts.
Go off the beaten path with a stylishly anachronistic lorgnette frame for your reading prescription. Whip these conversation starters out when you need to read the menu, and leave a lasting impression as someone who knows her own sense of style. These unique beauties fold in half to slip into your shirt pocket until you need to make another unspoken statement.
Whichever way you go, you’re sure to circle back to our vintage-inspired designs in large and small round sunglasses and eyeglasses. Vint & York makes it easy to have designer frames delivered to your door at no extra charge and with no-hassle returns. You’ll see clearly why Vint & York is the online place for a modern take on retro women’s round glasses frames.
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