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What Frames Can I Choose for My Tortoise Shell Glasses?

What Frames Can I Choose for My Tortoise Shell Glasses?

Tortoise shell patterning for your glasses is a fashionable design choice, but it's only part of the decision process when picking out new eyewear. You’ll also need to choose a style for your frames. At Vint & York, we have a large selection of tortoise shell glasses with frames suitable for any face shape and fashion sense. Combining a unique frame with a tortoise shell pattern can give your glasses a timeless look without compromising a fresh and trendy feel. You can also embrace modern shapes and color choices.

Choose clean and classic with simple frame styles and neutral colors that have been made popular over time or embrace your bright personality with fun frame shapes and bold colors. You can also find your own balance between the two, combining the old-school and new-school look for something unique to you.

Classic Browline

Browline or semi-rimless glasses are an old-school style with the thickest part of the frame running primarily along the top. The bare lenses below the frames provide a subtle outline but let most of the focus remain on your face and eye line. Tortoise shell patterns on the browline portion bring additional class to a timeless design. Frames like these are well suited for retro and academic fashion.




Popular with creatives, the hipster aesthetic has created its own genre of eyewear design. Often with thicker frames and square silhouettes, our hipster-style glasses stand out. They can be paired with a standard tortoise shell pattern for a classic feel or a more colorful contemporary tortoise shell design for a fun and carefree look.


Cat-eye Flare

Another style with a long history, cat-eye frames are known for the flaring at the upper corners. They pair well with tortoise shell colorations and we have many variations that you can use to explore your style. Some variants change how pronounced the cat-eye flare is. Others emphasize the angles of the glasses for a less rounded, more geometric design.


Round Frame

A simple and serviceable design, round frames provide an opportunity to soften bold facial features. Round tortoise shell glasses work especially well for those with oval or rectangular face shapes. The curve of the frame helps balance any sharp features. You can find Vint & York round frames in both large and small sizes.


Slim Style

Common round and square frame designs have been slimmed down to create oval and rectangular frames. These shapes can help highlight your unique facial features because they take up less room on the face. Their harmonious lines and stylish proportions offer an air of sophistication that is enhanced by a tortoise shell pattern. Their simple and compact shape also makes them easy to carry and ideal for frequent travelers.

Geometric Shape

Our geometric frames come in different degrees of boldness and can make a great statement piece. You can choose from sharp corners or smooth edges. A few currently popular options are octagonal and hexagonal frames. Since these frames are made of a mixture of eyewear elements with varying lines and proportions, they are fit for most face shapes.

Oversized Frame

Not limited to any one style, oversized frames take any design and make it bigger. Where slim styles will be more under-stated on the face, emphasizing your features, our oversized frames are bold and draw attention to the accessory itself. This means they often benefit from bright color and pattern choices. They may also incorporate extra thick frames for an even bolder statement, while also emphasizing your eyes.

Thin-rimmed Frame

Thin-rimmed frames are commonly made of mostly metal. This allows the design to minimize borders without sacrificing durability. This is another style that puts most of the focus on the face wearing them. They can incorporate some tasteful tortoise shell accents on the bridge or temples. This allows you to inject a little color and pattern into a simple design choice.


The Aviator style, with its large lenses, flat browline, and minimal frame, was once particular to sunglasses. It has now been adapted for eyeglasses and given new design variations to suit this change. Whether using an oversized or standard frame, a fine tortoise shell pattern fits aviators nicely, making an already popular design more fashionable.


If you feel that your eyewear look isn't quite complete, we have classy and characterful accessories for you to choose from. Chunky glasses chains are a popular addition. These can come in matching or complementary colors to your frames and have the added benefit of making your glasses easier to keep track of.

Tested Looks for Tortoise Shell Glasses

At Vint & York, our wide selection of tortoise shell glasses is designed to suit many tastes and aesthetics. To help you choose the right design for your frames, take advantage of our virtual try-on platform. You can quickly see which style frame you prefer and sample different colors without leaving home. Discover the perfect frames for your next pair of glasses today.

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