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Vint and York has launched a thrilling collection of ...

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Vint and York has launched a thrilling collection of Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses that evokes the bohemian flair of the 60s and 70s for lovers of vintage and sublime eyewear. With a variety that caters to every gender, style, and color choice, there is something for everybody in this eclectic series.


Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Gender

For the modern man with a taste for vintage, Vint and York's Hipster Cool Glasses For Men offers a perfect balance of style and masculinity. With sturdy frames and designs that reflect the free spirit of the hippie era, men can find a pair that enhances their features and expresses their individuality. For the women, elegance meets retro in Vint and York's Women's Hipster Glasses. Feminine designs combined with vintage flair make for eyewear that stands out. Whether you're going for a casual look or an upscale event, there's a pair that compliments every outfit.


Vintage Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Frame Shape

Synonymous with pilots and the 70s rock scene, the aviator glasses remain timeless. Vint and York's take on this classic is fresh and nostalgic, offering wearers a sense of adventure and sophistication. For a hint of drama and allure, the cat-eye frames never disappoint. Perfect for those wanting to add a touch of vintage glam to their ensemble, these frames scream confidence and style.

The distinct design of the keyhole bridge frames adds an exciting twist to the eyewear, setting wearers apart with its unique style and statement-making potential. A favorite among many, the oval frames provide a universally flattering shape, offering comfort and an understated retro vibe.

The oversized frames are a must-have for those who love making bold statements. They provide excellent protection from the sun and add an undeniable chic factor. Perfect for adding structure to softer facial features, the rectangular frames offer a blend of contemporary and vintage aesthetics.

The round glasses offer a distinctive and iconic look, echoing the true essence of the hippie era. They're perfect for anyone wanting to embrace their inner John Lennon. Balancing angles and lines, the square frames from Vint and York are ideal for those looking for a touch of retro sophistication.


Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Color

From the understated elegance of beige to the vibrant energy of yellow, Vint and York's collection offers a spectrum of earthy to bright tones, reflecting the diverse palette of the hippie era. For those who prefer timeless classics, the black and white glasses offer versatility and style, ensuring wearers look polished and chic on any occasion. Embrace the colors of nature -  from neutral earthy colors to transparent blues to bright hues. These shades upload a hint of playfulness to any outfit. For a more muted and sophisticated look, brown and grey offer a range of possibilities, from deep, rich browns reminiscent of the Woodstock era to sleek grays that suit the modern urbanite.

From the ethereal charm of clear frames to the kaleidoscopic allure of multi-colored ones, these shades are for the bold and the experimental. From the soft, romantic hues of pink to the fiery passion of red, these shades are perfect for making a statement and turning heads. For those indecisive about colors, the two-tone frames offer the best of both worlds, blending colors seamlessly and offering a unique style statement.

Vint and York's Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses Collection is a beautiful blend of the past and present. This collection is a fave among eyewear fans whose designs pay homage to the unfastened-energetic hippie generation and the first-rate class of present-day craftsmanship. Whether you're trying to make a bold statement or virtually upload a touch of antique for your appearance, there can be a couple in this series. Dive in and include the retro vibes!


Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Frame Size

The most versatile size in the collection, medium frames provide a balanced fit for most faces, ensuring comfortable wear without overshadowing facial features. Ideal for individuals with slender face structures, narrow frames accentuate features while staying true to the hippie aesthetic. For those with a broader face, wide frames ensure comfort and style, making sure the eyewear doesn't feel restrictive.


Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Face Shape

Glasses For Heart Shaped Face tend to balance out the broader forehead with a narrower chin. Think slightly oversized or bottom-heavy frames. To shorten the appearance of an oblong face, frames with more depth than width are perfect. Round or square brackets can add contrast to the more extended face structure. Oval faces are the universal shape, harmonizing with almost any frame design. However, Vint and York's collection offers geometrical frames like square or rectangular for an edgy look. Angular frames, like square or rectangular, are ideal for round faces as they add structure and elongate the face's appearance. Round and oval frames soften the angles of a square face, providing a harmonious contrast.


Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Frame Material

Acetate a plant-based plastic known for its versatility and vibrant colors. It offers durability and a smooth, glossy finish. Often lightweight and robust, metal frame glasses bring a sleek, modern touch to the vintage hippie style. Blending the best of both worlds, mixed material frames combine elements like acetate and metal for a unique and contemporary look. An eco-friendly alternative, vegan leather frames nod to the hippie movement's free-spirited, environmentally conscious ethos.


Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Trend

Reinventing the iconic 50s and 60s style, browline glasses have a distinctive upper frame that traces the eyebrows' line, offering a retro-modern appeal. From entirely clear boundaries to subtle transparent tints, this trend provides a minimalist, modern touch that seamlessly blends with any outfit. With a smooth, non-glossy finish, matte frames add a contemporary and understated elegance to the vintage-inspired designs. From subtle metal embellishments to complete monochromatic looks, these trends add flair and sophistication to the frames. This timeless pattern, reminiscent of a tortoise shell sunglasses, brings warmth and versatility, pairing well with various outfits and occasions. From semi-opaque frames that showcase subtle hints of color to frames that merge two shades beautifully, these trends are chic and experimental. For those seeking a touch of glamour, crystal embellishments are perfect, while the wood finish evokes a natural, earthy vibe.

Vint and York's Hippie Sunglasses and Eyeglasses Collection is a testament to the brand's commitment to variety, quality, and style. The range ensures that every individual, regardless of their size preference, face shape, or style inclination, finds their perfect pair. Dive into this treasure trove and find eyewear that resonates with your spirit and style.

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