Collection: Classic Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

When discussing timeless fashion, eyewear undoubtedly...

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When discussing timeless fashion, eyewear undoubtedly plays a pivotal role. Vint and York's collection of classic sunglasses and eyeglasses is a testament to this. Their range seamlessly blends the vintage allure with modern sensibilities. Let's dive deep into what makes their collection stand out.


Classic Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Gender

The classic men's glasses from Vint and York showcases robust, sophisticated, and versatile designs. These frames are not only functionally sound but also score high on style. Whether you're heading to a board meeting or a casual day out, there's a pair that fits every occasion. The classic women's glasses is a delightful blend of elegance and charm. Vint and York understand that every woman is unique, as are her style requirements. This collection covers everything from demure to daring, ensuring every woman finds her statement piece.


Vintage Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Frame Shape

Drawing inspiration from the classic pilot design, Vint and York's aviator glasses nod to old-world charm. While maintaining the broad lens structure, the brand has introduced subtle tweaks for modern appeal. The cat-eye frames are perfect for those who love a dash of retro glam. With their upswept angles, these frames are a factual representation of the 50s and 60s chic.

A distinct feature of the keyhole bridge is the bridge design resembling a keyhole. This vintage-inspired design offers a unique look, setting it apart from typical frames. Oval frames are timeless and are loved by those who appreciate minimalistic elegance. Vint and York's collection offers a variety of oval frames, ensuring there's one for every face shape.

Make a statement with the oversized glasses. These are for the bold and the beautiful, ensuring that your eyewear is the focal point of your ensemble. The rectangular frames from Vint and York are perfect for those who love structured elegance. Their sharp lines offer a sophisticated, modern look.

For a touch of bohemian rhapsody, round frames are the ideal pick. They exude an artsy, intellectual vibe, making them a favorite among many. Square frames offer a balanced look with their even proportions. Vint and York's square frames blend contemporary design with classic appeal.


Classic Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Color

From the soft tones of beige that offer understated sophistication to the vibrant and energetic yellow frames, Vint and York's collection ensures that your eyewear complements your mood and attire. The eternal classics, black glasses and white frames, are versatile and a must-have in every collection. Whether you're going for a formal look with black frames or a breezy appearance with white ones, you're set with these choices.

The cooler tones, from serene blue to mysterious purple, allow for various expressions. Whether you're feeling the Monday blues or the vibrant weekend vibes, every day has a hue. Earthy tones like brown and green are perfect for those who love a touch of nature in their ensemble. From deep forest greens to light browns, the choices are endless. Clear and grey frames are ideal for those who like to play it calmly. And if you're in the mood for fun, the multi-color frames from Vint and York are just the right pick.

For the romantics and the passionate, shades of pink and red glasses are perfect. And in case you're searching out something specific, the two-toned frames provide the great of each world. Vint and York's series of traditional sunglasses and eyeglasses is a party of undying layout, varied picks, and impeccably pleasant. Whether you want something gender-precise, a selected body shape, or a unique coloration, they've got you covered. Step out in fashion with their classic eyewear, making each day a fashion forward affair.


Classic Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Frame Size

The medium-sized frames offer a balanced look, perfect for those who want their eyewear to be noticeable but not too dominant. These frames are versatile and flattering and ideal for casual and formal settings. Narrow frames from Vint and York are subtle, elegant, and often preferred by those who love a minimalist look. They bring focus to the eyes and are perfect for intricate designs and patterns. Bold and assertive, the wide frames are for those fearless in making a statement. They offer a broader canvas for creative designs and often stand out in a crowd.


Classic Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Face Shape

Glasses For Heart Shaped Face, which are wider at the forehead and taper to a point at the chin, frames that are wider at the bottom or have rounded edges are a perfect fit. Vint and York offer designs that accentuate the strengths of this face shape. Oblong faces, longer than wide, can benefit from frames with more depth than width. The collection offers several options to break the length and add width to the face.

With balanced proportions, oval faces can pull off various frame shapes. Vint and York's extensive collection ensures that individuals with this face shape have many options. Angular frames can provide a pleasing contrast for round faces, characterized by soft angles with slightly wider cheekbones and an equally broad forehead and jaw. With a strong jawline and broad forehead, square looks can be complemented with round or oval frames. The collection offers options that soften the angles and enhance the face's features.


Classic Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Frame Material

Acetate frames are a prominent part of the collection, known for their durability and the broad spectrum of colors and patterns. They offer a rich look and can be molded into various shapes. Metal frame glasses provide a sleek, modern, and often minimalist appearance. Vint and York's collection showcases different metal frames, from the simple and elegant to the intricate and detailed.

For those who love the best of both worlds, mixed material frames offer unique designs combining elements from acetate and metal frames. Eco-conscious and stylish vegan leather frames are a testament to Vint and York's commitment to sustainability without compromising style.


Classic Sunglasses and Eyeglasses by Trend

Whether you're looking for retro-inspired browline frames, the sheer beauty of clear glasses frames and transparent frames, or the sophistication of matte finishes, Vint and York's collection is trend-forward. Their offerings include frames with elegant metal accents, the evergreen monochrome look, and the rich textures of tortoise designs. Two-tone frames often combine contrasting colors or materials and offer a distinct look. For those who love a touch of luxury, frames adorned with crystals stand out. And for a natural, earthy vibe, the wood-finish frames in the collection are a perfect pick.

Vint and York's classic sunglasses and eyeglasses collection embodies diversity, catering to varied tastes, preferences, and needs. Whether you pick frames based on size, face shape, material, or current trends, their collection ensures you'll find the perfect pair to elevate your style.

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