Protect your eyes from damaging blue light rays with Eyefend lenses by Vint & York

What are Eyefend lenses?

Eyefend lenses are designed to reduce eye strain caused by the use of digital devices. We created a special line of lenses made specifically for the modern-wearer. Our lenses are developed with the most advanced technology that offers maximum protection for your eyes and filters more blue light than any standard polycarbonate or high-index lens. 

Add blue light lenses to any frame with or without prescription

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    Blue light blocking glasses are designed to filter out the harmful blue-violet (ultraviolet or UV) light rays that are commonly emitted from digital screens. These lenses have special filtering materials and surface coatings that reduce glare and help reduce potential damage from prolonged exposure to blue light.


    Believe it or not, blue light is all around you. Most of it comes from the sun, and not all of it is bad - but too much could lead to premature aging of the eyes and retina damage and perpetual eye strain. Some of the worst sources are the ones you interact with the most: your computer, phone, or tablet. That’s where our glasses come in!

How do blue light glasses work?

Our proprietary Eyefend lenses have multiple layers of special coatings and filters embedded in them. These layers limit the transmission of light within the potentially harmful ultraviolet range (380 nm – 500 nm). They also reduce bothersome glare emitted from digital screens.

Our lenses are also designed to help reduce eye strain by minimizing excess reflections and bothersome glare from devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

What are the benefits of blue light glasses?

If your average screen time sums up to 4 hours per day or more, blue light protection is recommended by the American Optometric Association.

  • Alleviate Eye Strain and Discomfort at the Computer

    Blue light and excess reflections from your computer screen can cause eye strain, headaches, and tired eyes. These symptoms are referred to as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Blue light blocking glasses can improve your focus and efficiency while working at the computer. Good-bye, computer vision syndrome!

  • Eliminate Screen Glare

    Many digital devices continue to have reflective surfaces that lead to the inevitable glare-effect, also known as one of the most common causes of eyestrain. The Anti-Reflecting (AR) coat prevents distracting glare and blurry vision while increasing contrast for a better, less-straining experience.

  • Improve Your Sleep

    Late nights working on your laptop or scrolling through messages on your smartphone? By using protective glasses you can improve your body’s production of sleep-inducing melatonin and enjoy your downtime and sleeping quality.

  • STEP 1

    Select the lenses for the frames - Choose Progressive Lenses and follow the prompts. You can further customize by adding blue light filter, high index, light responsive (photochromic) and other options.

  • STEP 2

    Select the lenses for the frames - Choose Progressive Lenses and follow the prompts. You can further customize by adding blue light filter, high index, light responsive (photochromic) and other options.

  • STEP 3

    Place your order. Once you’ve placed your order our team will get to work on the custom build of your glasses, from the frames to the lens, ensuring proper and careful care of your purchase.

Healthy Eyes with Blue Light Lenses and Sunglasses

The health of your eyes matter, and so does the quality of your sunglasses and blue light lenses. Vint and York offer prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses, and blue light lenses. We want to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun as well as your digital devices. Our glasses come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes for your perfect fit. Vint and York combine fashion with protection. 

Medically reviewed by Dr. Karen Dorman.

Dr. Karen Dorman is a Doctor of Optometry who was in private practice on Long Island, NY for over 40 years. She was also an  Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology at St. John's University in Queens, NY.  She received a BA in biology from Albany State University and her OD degree from New York College of Optometry in NYC. She is currently consulting and mentoring virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.


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