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Virtual Try on Glasses

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Virtual Try-On: Glasses Shopping Made Easy

When it comes to glasses, everyone has their own thing. Maybe you’re loyal to the techy, rectangular frames of the dot-com boom, the kitschy cat-eyes from the ‘50s or the boundary- pushing statement frames that transcend trend and time. Maybe your eyeglass approach is all about simple practicality. Maybe you pick frames based solely on how they look on your face, regardless of their shape, color, size or style. No matter what kind of glasses buyer you are, the Vint & York virtual glasses try-on platform will help you honor it.

If you just so happen to be the kind of shopper who can’t pull the “checkout” trigger until you’ve seen what your pair looks like on your face, simply follow the instructions on this page to see various pairs on your picture. We all know that buying specs online can be a major headache, which is why we encourage our customers to try glasses online using this simple platform. Because even if you adore the shape or finish of a certain pair, sometimes they just don’t go with your face shape, skin tone or personality.

An Easy to Use, Intuitive Way to Visualize Your New Pair

Our glasses try-on platform is very simple to use and works on desktop and mobile. All you have to do is upload a selfie (or use your computer or phone to snap a pic within the platform, using a live camera without taking a picture) and you’ll be able to visualize whatever pair you choose on your face. See how the size and shape complements your look or get a better feel for the shape of a certain pair. Once you’ve settled on a look, place your order through Vint & York and enjoy risk-free purchasing. We offer free shipping, free returns and a one-year limited frame warranty to protect your purchase.