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Keyhole Bridge Glasses

Women’s Keyhole Bridge Glasses Frames & Sunglasses

All the Rage in Women’s Eyeglasses: Keyhole Bridge Frames

If you’re in the market for a pair of ultra-trendy but not over-the-top eyeglasses, let us introduce you to a prime candidate: keyhole bridge glasses. What is a keyhole bridge, you ask? Named as such because the bridge and lens frames create negative space that looks like the intriguing curves of a keyhole, these frames bring a unique, vintage-inspired flair to every pair. Thanks to their total versatility and eye-catching style, keyhole frames are taking eyewear look books by storm, and we’re setting all the hottest trends at Vint & York. Read more...

Shop all the coolest keyhole glasses in our exclusive collection. Designed by a team of creatives in NYC, these boutique frames span the spectrum from chunky, funky and statement-making to classic and subdued. If you’re looking for a way to really showcase the keyhole silhouette, we recommend grabbing a pair of chunky acetate frames with a really defined keyhole shape. For something a bit more subtle, stick to thinner frames or those made with wire. There’s no wrong way to wear the keyhole, so let your personal preferences guide you to the right pair (and be sure to try on virtually if you aren’t sure).

Unlock Designer Style with Keyhole Sunglasses

Vint & York also specializes in offering super trendy eyewear for all your outdoor adventures, so make sure to check out our much-loved women’s keyhole sunglasses. Featuring the same super-stylish silhouette as our regular frames, these sunglasses are made with high-quality Carl Zeiss Sunlenses that provide an extra layer of protection against damaging UV rays. Plus, with free shipping and free returns, there’s no risk when you buy your new pair of keyhole frames from our store. Show less...


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