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How to Pick the Right Glasses for Small Faces: Tips on Getting the Perfect Eyewear Fit

Choosing glasses when you have a small face can be quite a hassle. Not only do you have to compromise and let go of certain designs you might really like, such as those lovely oversized cat eyes with a dramatic flair, but it’s actually hard to find a frame and that actually fits. And sometimes you find yourself shopping at the kid’s aisle. But all hope is not lost.

Choosing the perfect fit for your small face might be a bit complicated, but if you know what to look for in your glasses, there are plenty of eyewear designs that will look amazing on you. Keep reading to find out how to identify the best glasses for your small face !

How Do You Know You Have a Small Face?

You already know most glasses seem huge on you, but there’s actually more to determine if you have a small face. The easiest path to getting some insight about your face’s particularities is to let the numbers talk for themselves.

This means that you need to measure your face correctly to determine your proportions. To get a clear view, you need to focus on the following areas:

  • <::marker> Forehead
  • <::marker> Jawline
  • <::marker> Cheeks
  • <::marker> Face length

The universal perfect proportions are known as the “golden ratio” , which is measured by dividing the length by the width . The result should be roughly 1.6, which means a perfect face should be about one and a half times longer than it is wide .

Of course, the perfect face is more of a myth , but you can use these proportions to compare them to your own results. If your ratio is similar, you have a normal face.

Naturally, small/petite faces have both a small width and a small face length.

You might also have a narrow face, with a small width, and a longer face length, like in the picture below:

eyeglasses for narrow small face
Roosevelt – a perfect fit for a narrow face

Measure Your Face Correctly

Find Out the Correct Length and Width of Your Face

If you’re not quite sure what size is your face, don’t worry. The process of measuring your face is actually easier than it seems — you just need to follow these steps:

  • <::marker> Step 1 : Measure temple to temple using a flexible tape measure, that stretches easily across your face. A sturdy plastic ruler won’t do the trick. You will need to place the tape measure flat against your face
  • <::marker> Step 2 : Start with your forehead. You will need to measure it at the widest point, from hairline to hairline and write down the measurements.
  • <::marker> Step 3 : Measure your jawline at the widest point, which is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) down from your ears.
  • <::marker> Step 4 : Find your face width by choosing the larger number out of the two measurements you just took (forehead width and jawline width).
  • <::marker> Step 5 : Measure your face length down the center of your face, from the middle of your hairline to your chin.
  • <::marker> Step 6 : If you also want to determine your face shape, you need to make the additional step of measuring the widest distance across your cheekbones, like in the below image.
Find out the width and length of your face.

Of course, these measurements also bring some insight into discovering you face shape. By knowing everything about your face, you’ll be able to find the perfect glasses that compliment your appearance and add more personality to your look.

Find out how to choose the best glasses for your face shape from our guide!

Glasses That Are the Perfect Fit for Small Faces

Now that you know you face’s measurements, you can choose the correct frames that fit your face.

For instance, narrow faces usually have between 110 mm and 125 mm , which means they should be looking for frames that are between 115mm and 129 mm .

When looking for the perfect frames, make sure you get the following measurements:

  • <::marker> The frame width
  • <::marker> The lens height
  • <::marker> The lens width
  • <::marker> The bridge
  • <::marker> The temple arms
small frames for small faces
Take a look at the measurements of the frames. Java frames in black.
Discover more eyewear styles for small faces.

A petite face implies that you have a small width and length, so the glasses you choose should fit the measurements.

In some cases, you might find that your face is more on the narrow side and your issues lie with the width of the glasses or, on the contrary, you might have a short face, which means your face has a relatively small length.

Here are some glasses suggestions for all types of small/petite faces:

The Best Glasses for a Petite or Short Face

People with a petite or short face should be looking for glasses with shorter lenses , to create the illusion of a bigger height of your overall face.

This face shape is quite common among women, teens, and children, although it can sometimes also include men.

In these cases, oversized frames or aviator frames are not as flattering, as it would make the issue even more prominent. Extra thick frames might also be a no-go, as they tend to make the face even smaller, but there are certainly some eyewear exceptions to the rule.

If you’re looking for something out of the box for your short face, The Chassis frames are the perfect bold statement that will turn heads wherever you go. It’s the perfect match for a strong personality, who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

eyeglasses for small face female
Chassis – a perfect fit a petite face!

The Dream On frames has just the right thickness, with an appropriate width and height for small faces. The soft lines and curves edges on a classic design show a delicate nature of your personality, while the bold splash of color is characteristic of an empowering attitude.

small face frames
Dream on in jet black

The Best Glasses for a Narrow Face

A narrow face is not necessarily an overall small face.

It just means that the width of your face is smaller, regardless of the size of your length. Both short and long faces can be narrow, so there are plenty of options of glasses for a narrow fit for men or for women to look through.

To get the perfect pair for your face shape, make sure the total width of the frames is on the smaller size, but also that the bridge is narrow as well. If your face is longer, look for a design with taller lenses.

The Poster Child unisex frames are definitely trendsetters. This catchy design fits perfectly on a narrow face and adds a touch of sophistication and playfulness to your look.

round frames for small faces
Poster Child Pecan

Another perfect solution for small and narrow faces is to opt for clear frames, which blend easily with your look, while still sending out a subtle classy vibe.

clear glasses narrow fit
Poster Child Ice

The Best Eyeglasses for a Small Face

narrow fit eyeglasses for small faces

Having a small face requires more attention when picking up your frames, especially when it comes to eyeglasses that will shape your face every day for years to come.

Besides making sure you got the right measurements, you also need to pay attention to a few things that might work against you.

Here are a few inside tips that you’ll be happy you followed:

  • <::marker> Positive prescriptions make your eyes look bigger. High positive prescription lenses are thicker at the midpoint and thinner close to the edges. This means that having bigger lenses might make you look “bug-eyed”.
  • <::marker> Negative prescriptions make your eyes look smaller. High negative prescription lenses are thinner at the midpoint and thicker at the edges, which means that the lenses might peek out at the side of the frame. This means that you should avoid rimless or semi-rimless frames.
  • <::marker> Narrow-set eyes are a bit trickier . If the frame is too wide, you’ll get a cross-eye illusion.
  • <::marker> Make sure your glasses stay on while you move . Test the frames by shaking your head and tilting it up and down to make sure they don’t more. If your glasses slide down even in the slightest, this problem will only intensify with time, especially when the weather gets hot.
  • <::marker> Avoid frames that are too tight . Are the glasses comfortable? Frames that are too tight will leave you with a headache at the back of your years, which will make it incredibly hard to wear them for hours on end.
  • <::marker> Look for any red marks and indentation once you get your glasses off. If you find any, move on to the next frame.
  • <::marker> Are your eyelashes touching the lenses ? The movement of your eyes should be completely free and you eyelashes should never touch the lens. Take into account that your prescription lenses will be even thicker than the test lenses.
  1. <::marker> The frame should be resting on the bridge of your nose and never on the cheekbones. Just like your eye movement, your facial expression shouldn’t affect the position of your glasses.

The Best Sunglasses for a Small Face

best small sunglasses for narrow petite face

The rules of picking the correct frame for your eyeglasses also apply in the case of sunglasses. The only difference is that the dark lenses give you the chance to experiment. You’re not wearing your sunglasses every single day of the year, so it might be worth taking a risk and trying something bolder.

rectangular_small fit glasses
The Chassis in Cognac Tortoise
best sunglasses for small faces
Poster Child – a great unisex choice for small faces

The No Lita glasses have always been a crowd pleaser. This retro round frame with a keyhole bridge is perfect if you have a small face with angular features. The surprise here is that it could also be a great and bold choice if you have softer features, and you’ll be able to pull them off and get an extra touch of geeky chic as a bonus.

If your face is heavier on the bottom and more narrow at the forehead, you’ll want to balance that with a frame that is heavier on the top. For instance, The Fly Boy frame is a take on the aviators is more narrow on the bottom than the classic aviators and would complement your small face perfectly.

Another option would be The Nifty , which help you obtain the perfect edgy retro look. The top-heavy frames take away from a wide jawline and the unique bold design is meant to get all eyes on you.

If your face shape is rounder, but rather small, give it some characters with more angular glasses. The Prophet is the perfect choice in this case if you want to add more personality to your look.

Tips When Choosing Your Glasses for Small Face

In short, there are a few quick tips to successfully choose the perfect glasses for small faces:

  • <::marker> Measure your face properly. The width of your frames should be close to the width of your face.
  • <::marker> Choose the right suggested frame style for your face shape, without ignoring the fact that you will need small-fit frames.
  • <::marker> Balance your features with the design of your eyewear piece
  • <::marker> Make sure your eyes are centered in the frames
  • <::marker> The bridge fits your nose perfectly
  • <::marker> The glasses should not touch your cheeks.
  • <::marker> Avoid oversize designs.

Great Frame Choices for Different Types of Small Faces

Even in the case of small faces, you still need to get the best glasses by face shape , but adjust the sizes to your own.

Also, think about what you want to achieve: do you need more angles to your face, or you’d rather soften your already angular features? If there anything that needs to be accentuated in order to obtain a bolder look? Or would you like to balance everything out, for a more subtle style?

Adjust your preferences to the features of your face and you’ll find the perfect frames.

Glasses for Oval and Round Small Faces

Soft features, such as the ones of round and oval faces, usually need to be balanced out with shapes that are more prominent.

However, if you have an oval face, you find yourself in the land of opportunities. Anything goes with an oval face, so all you have to worry about is finding the right size, and you’re free to experiment with any style you please.

The Chassis might be the perfect fit for a small oval face, as they’re wider, but with a shorter length. The thick and upwards pointing frame bring more character and strength to your look.

small oval glasses
The Chassis in black offer a dramatic flair.

If, on the other hand, your face is round, go for glasses with prominent angular lines. The Stellar frames are a great example of what will look great on you. A square design, softened at the edges, that combines a bold explosion of color, these are the frames that talk volumes in terms of confidence.

Glasses for Square and Rectangular Small Faces

At the opposite spectrum, there are square or rectangle face shapes with a strong jaw and a broad forehead. These features need to be balanced out by frames with fluid, round shapes, for a softer touch.

The Charleston frames are undoubtedly the right glasses for the job. A throwback to the ‘20s, a world that is driven by enthusiastic dancing in speakeasies, these frames travel back and forth between timelines due to their vintage air with contemporary accents.

Glasses for Small Faces with a Sharp Chin

Diamond and heart-shaped faces are defined by a very sharp chin. The perfect way to distract attention is to go for a pair of glasses with a distinctive browline.

Try something bold and dramatic, like The Fitzgerald , a frame that truly embodies youthfulness.

Glasses for Narrow Oblong Faces

The oblong faces are more narrow than they are wide and tend to have a long and straight cheek line. If that’s you, try to find those frames that add more width to the face. Thicker frames, with decorative elements and longer lenses.

The Great Escape glasses are a wonderful option in this case, as they’re small fit, but also have thick frames to add extra depth, with longer lenses to even up the face dimensions and make the length seem smaller.

The Big Wig is yet another throwback to the past – the 1940s, to be precise. The name is a vintage slang that refers to someone influential, so it’s pretty clear these frames inspire personality and power.

long face shape glasses
Big Wig – Although designed for wider faces, the thick frames and long lenses are still a winning recipe for glasses for oblong faces.

Closing Thoughts

The more you know about how to fit your style and preferences into your glasses, even if you have a small face, the closer you are to obtaining that perfect look. Let your individuality, personality, and shape work for you, and not against you, and embrace all the options that are available for glasses specially designed for small/petite faces or narrow faces .

Discover more eyewear styles for small faces.

At last, no more shopping in the kids’ eyewear section!

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