How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape & Look Good in Frames

The secret to looking good in glasses is to match them with your face shape. But that’s easier said than done. However, choosing new eyewear shouldn’t be hard. So if you want straightforward advice on what type of glasses are the right fit for your face shape, then you’re in the right place. 

We know you might’ve heard the usual tips & tricks to get the perfect spectacles – like pick a shape that balances your face features. But there’s more to it!

Stay tuned & we’ll show you how to take everything in consideration & choose a pair of glasses that looks like it was made for your face. And what to avoid. Read below & discover 2017’s best sunglasses & eyeglasses for any face shape!

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how to choose glasses by face shape for women

how to choose glasses by face shape for men


1. Find Out Your Face Size: Are You a Narrow or a Wide?

The first and foremost step before getting to shop for glasses is to find out your exact face size: are a narrow, medium or a wide?

Your face width and face length will influence what size of glasses look good and feel comfortable on you. Here’s how to find your face width & length.

Find out your Face Width

Face width is measured from temple to temple. You need to do this in order to make sure that you don’t choose frames that are too big or too small for your face.

Here are some easy steps on how to do it:

  • The best way to measure your face width is with a straight ruler. A measuring tape is more difficult to use and will cause inconsistencies.
  • While looking into a mirror, use a ruler to measure the distance between your right and left temple.
  • Your face width should match the total width of the glasses. To find out the total width of your frames, add the frame width to the nose bridge width. The frame’s total length should be at least equal to your face’s width.
  • Then use the info below to make sure you’re buying frames that match your face:
    • Narrow width faces

    • Narrow faces usually have between 110mm up to 125mm.
    • Buy frames sized between 115mm – 129mm (total length), as in the case pictured below.
    • Check the small narrow fit for men & petite frames for women collections.
sunglasses for large faces and heads

Western Front sunglasses – See here!

All our frames have measurements etched on their arms & you can always check the frames description on our product page. If you can’t find frames that have the numbering on them, you can manually measure it yourself.

The width of a frame is the sum of its bridge width and the width of the lenses. This way, you will always choose glasses that fit your face width. Wearing a frame that’s too wide will give you a bug-like look.

Find the perfect glasses for wide faces >>

Find our your Face Length

To find our your face length, measure from the top of your forehead (hairline) to the bottom of the chin. Use a ruler to determine the length of the face and in turn, figure out what type of face you have in terms of dimensions. After you found out the length, use this simple formula:

  • If your length is bigger than the width, you have a long face.
  • If your width is approximately the same as the length or a bit higher, you have a short face.


  • Long/tall faces

  • Tall lenses will work best on your physiognomy.  
  • They will take up space and create an even ration between the glasses and your face. 
  • glasses-for-long-face
  • glasses for long faces

    Keen eyeglasses – See here!

  • sunglasses for oblong oval facesJazz Age
  • Short faces

  • Petite/shorter lenses in height will work for your face because they don’t take length away from your face. If you have a small face, try to avoid thick frames, because it can cause the face to look smaller.
  • Another style trick for small faces is to go for clear frames, which blend in with your look and don’t take away from your face’s length.
  • glasses-for-short-small-petite-face
  • glasses for wide face

    Prince eyeglasses – See here!

Glasses for Small Faces

Men and women with small/petite faces have both a small width and a small face length.

If you have a petite face, choose narrow and small frames that fit well with your look. 

round sunglasses for small faces

The Swinger Sunglasses – Get yours here!

round glasses for small faces

The Swinger

Round frames are usually the narrowest and smallest of glasses. That’s because two big round lenses separated by an abnormally long bridge would not look good. If you are on the hunt for sunglasses for small faces, then The Swinger , The Charleston or another pair similar in size could be what you need. These glasses also have adjustable nose pads, perfect on any asian face shapes, with a flatter nose bridge.


The Charleston clip on sunglasses – See here!

sunglasses for small face

The Charleston clip on sunglasses

If you’re looking for a nerdy/geek look that isn’t oversized, go for a small square or rectangular glasses with a thin profile, that helps tone it down on the face. For example, Hester eyeglasses is an inspired choice for a small face.

square eyeglasses for small faces

Hester Eyeglasses – Get yours here!


Glasses for Big faces

Men and women with long, big, wide faces should go for glasses that are thick and equally sized for their face. 

You should choose frames that are wide and are able to cover your face from one side to another. If you want to wear oversized reading glasses for big faces that’s perfectly fine too.

square thick frame eyeglasses for big faces

Ritzy Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

Remember to match the glasses shape with your face shape before deciding on size.

The oversized square Ritzy glasses are perfect for those with a wide or big round face.

Oversized square eyeglasses for big faces

Ritzy Oversized Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

On the other hand, the Moll round sunglasses flatter women with big square faces. The thick circular frame will match your face size and create an esthetical consistency which won’t go unnoticed.

 Oversized Round Sunglasses for big faces

Moll Oversized Sunglasses – Get yours here!

round oversized Sunglasses

Moll sunglasses

Tip: The geometrical shape of the frame counts only after you have measured your face. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to choose the best glasses for your face shape.

Now that you know your what glasses size to wear in regards to your face size, it’s time to figure out your face shape and what to wear with it.


2. Glasses for Round Faces

  • The round face is one of the most common shapes. It’s characterized by rounded features and its lack of angular points. If your bone structure doesn’t have a lot of angles, the facial lines are soft and curvy, and your cheeks are fuller, you probably have a round face.

Choosing glasses for your round-shaped faces should focus on taking attention away from the fullness of the face & contour it by adding new defined lines to your look. Choose frames that are well defined, like cat-eye shapes or square wayfarers. Rectangular & angular shapes will add sharpness, highlight your cheekbones, and overall make your face look more contoured.

Read our guide on

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sunglasses for round face

The Firm clip-on sunglasses- Get yours here!

cat eye eyeglasses in tortoise shell

Mulberry Cat Eye Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

3. Glasses for Oval/Oblong Faces

Oval face shapes are characterized by balanced facial features. The face’s lenghth is roughly twice as long as it is wide, only slightly narrower at the jaw than at the temples. People with oval faces have a chin that is narrower that forehead and high cheekbones.

Choosing glasses for oval shaped faces seems to be the easiest because you can wear any style of frames if they’re properly sized. Basically, any type of eyeglass frame will compliment your face shape because of its natural balance between forehead, cheeks, and chin.



  • The best eyewear for men and women with oval shaped faces should be geometrically square or rectangular.
  • Pick bold shapes that maintain the balance of your face.
  • Upswept corners work well with your face type, because they emphasize cheekbones and make them look more contoured.


  • Avoid oversized glasses or very circular rounded ones, as this will take away from the face’s natural symmetry.

Best style fit: Cat Eye & Oversized 


Cat eye

It would be quite a sad thing if you couldn’t rock the immortal cat eye silhouette. Fortunately, the Coquette frame is wide and rectangular enough to suit oval/oblong faces. There are plenty of cat-eye styles that you can choose from – from round, to oblong, to slightly squared, in various colors and textures.


Cat’s Meow eyeglasses


Thelma Cat-Eye Tortoise Eyeglasses – See more colors here!


cat eye eyeglasses for oval faces

Coquette Cat Eye Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

The beautiful curvy lines, ending in prolonged temples that switch to the sides in an angular design will enhance your profile.

Cat eye sunglasses are also a must have for any respectable fashionista, so again our Copa frame is here to save the day. Rock these cat eye sunglasses on your oval face and have no fear of doing wrong.

Best shape fit: Rectangular & Square

Another great style to rock with oval faces is oversized glasses. Take into consideration that for this type of face shape you must draw attention away from the chin. That’s why oversized glasses flatter oval faces.

The Sky rectangular frame might be the perfect oversized reading glasses that you oval face deserves.

rectangular eyeglasses for oval faces

Sky Rectangular Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

rectangular eyeglasses for oval faces

A similar oversized style fit for oblong/oval faces is the Keen oversized square eyeglasses.

Thinner than your average, these beauties will compliment the best of your features.

oversized thin square glasses for round faes

Keen Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

square glasses for oval faces

An oval shape means a long and thin face with rounded ends. This profile usually requires a wide rectangular frame such as PreppyThis simple yet attractive frame ticks all the categories that make it suit an oval shaped face.

square eyeglasses for oval faces

Preppy eyeglasses – Get yours here!

It features corners that contrast with the roundness of your face and also has prolonged temples. To emphasize the temples, the frame is wider than a square model drawing attention straight to your eyes.

If you have an oval face you can also try a pair of clear rectangular frames.


Luella Square Reading Glasses in Clear Illusion – Get yours here!

The problem with oval faces is that attention is usually drawn to the lower part of your face, especially the chin. Trendy clear glasses are great for oval faces because their interesting design sets the focus on your eyes and not on your chin.

A thick square frame such as the Coffee House will suit oval faces because its angular shape will balance the round features.

rectangular frames for big oval faces

Coffee House Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

See the best square styles for you
rectangular eyeglasses for oval faces

The same rules apply regardless if you are looking for prescription glasses for oval faces or just simply sunglassesThe best sunglasses for oval faces are rectangularly shaped and have an almost straight browline.

rectangular sunglasses for big oval faces

The Bowery sunglasses – Get yours here!

sunglasses frames for oval face shape

Bowery sunglasses

The Bowery is a vintage inspired wide frame that is perfect for oval faces. Its thick browline is made from acetate while the lower part is made from thin metal wire.

It flatters both thin and full oval faces so you can regard it as a universal frame for your visage.


4. Glasses for Heart-shaped Faces

The heart shaped face is the most common. If you have a wider, broader forehead and a narrower jawline & chin, you’re part of the club. This may look like an upside-down triangle / pyramid shape. As the face goes up from the chin, which is the smallest point in the face, it becomes wider up until the forehead where it rounds up.

Choosing glasses for your heart-shaped face should focus on taking attention away from the width of the top of the face and broaden the appearance of the chin. Look for frames that are wider than your forehead, or have bold end points, like Clubmaster or cat-eye shapes. Keep it classic, simple, and understated frame with rounded end points.

  • glasses for heart shaped face


  • Frames with low-set temples or ones that have heavier bottom frames are perfect for you, because they minimize the width at the top of your face, and will widen the look of your face on the bottom.
  • Round or slightly curved edged glasses will draw the eyes away from a high forehead, so they’re bound to flatter your face shape
  • Try small oval lenses with low height.


  • Avoid any glasses with embellished tops, very dark frames or decorative temples because they will draw attention to the forehead.
  • Avoid heavy browline frames that will put emphasis on the upper part of your face. Go for a lighter clubmaster inspired style.

Best style fit: Classic cat eye & Clubmaster

The slick lines will concentrate all attention on your eyes instead of the chin while the oval lenses will work beautifully with your facial features.

Classic cat eye


Madison eyeglasses

For the guys, Astor semi-rimless glasses for heart shaped faces are a great option. 

browline semi rimless eyeglasses trends

Hotsy Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

The curvy browline disrupts the straight lines of your face in a surprising way that compliments your upper and lower angular features. They draw attention away from your chin and place the center of focus under your eyes where the thin metal rim leaves the impression of nothingness.

Besides being compatible with your face shape, these frames are very stylish and create a professional look that you should take advantage of.

rectangular eyeglasses for heart shaped faces

Astor Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

browline hipster eyeglasses

One of the best frames for heart shaped faces is the classic, retro vintage inspired Clubmaster frame.

 clubmaster sunglasses for heart shaped faces

The Fitzgerald Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Dubbed The Fitzgerald, this Clubmaster frame will flatter men and women with heart-shaped faces.

It’s built on the same principles of drawing attention from the bottom of the face and focusing on eye level. It brings balance to your facial features while also upping your style level.

Best shape fit: Oval, Round,  Rectangular & Square


Frames with low-set temples, like the one below, will keep attention to the eyes, away from the forehead.

glasses for heart face shape

Chassis eyeglasses

Bottom heavy oval sunglasses can also help in balancing the forehead’s proportion to the chin’s.

sunglasses for oval face shape

The Garbo


Square glasses suit heart-shaped faces because they bring balance and harmony to the face’s features.  Beautifully crafted with smooth lines, they bring volume to the bottom part of the face.

square glasses for heart shaped face

Stellar eyeglasses

square oversized sunglasses

Peace Out Sunglasses – Get yours here!



5. Glasses for Square Faces

Square Faces. You can spot square shaped faces by their angular and straight features and lines.  The angles of the forehead and jawline are well defined. The cheekbones are straight with almost no prominence. Square faces need some roundness to balance them. Square jaw lines and sharp features are common on square faces.

  • Choosing glasses for square shaped faces should focus on softening defined, prominent and sharp, harshlines. Pick frames that add slightly curved edges, which will bring in more balance.
sunglasses for square face

The Draper


  • Those with square faces are often told that they need to soften their features, which can be done by wearing glasses that sit high up on the bridge of their noses.
  • Eyewear specialists often tell their customers with square faces to choose either round or oval shaped glasses to balance the face and make it look slimmer.
  • Curves and shapes are your best bet at balancing your features.
  • Look for thinner metal frames that blend in easily, in simple colors such as bronze, silver and gold to soften your features.


  • Avoid boxy shaped glasses as they will draw more attention to your angular features.
  • Straight lines and corners, characteristic of geek/nerd glasses are a no go.
  • Thick, acetate frames should also be avoided. Thin ones will resonate much better with your features.

Best style fit: Round, Cat Eye, Oversized Aviator & Nerdy/Geeky


Round thick frame eyeglasses for square face

Owl Round Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

round glasses for square face

The Owl – See here!

Due to its incredible popularity, the Cat Eye silhouette has been restyled in numerous ways.


Bearcat Sunglasses – Get yours here!

The Bearcat cat eye sunglasses for square faces are a hybrid frame, specially adapted for the angular face. Bearcat proves that oversized cat eye glasses are good for square faces.

sunglasses for square face

Bearcat Sunglasses

The popular Aviator style can also work for square faces – if it’s approached properly.

One of the best ways to style them is to choose Aviator glasses that are as rounded as possible. However, there’s not much you can do about the browline. 

aviator-sunglasses for square faces

The Fairbanks Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Browline glasses don’t usually fit square faces and standard Aviators will always have a flat browline. Usually. However, you can give these babies a try and see how you feel about them. 

Aviator sunglasses for square faces

Western Front Aviator sunglasses – Get yours here!

But with this pair don’t really have to worry about that. Focus on finding a frame like Western Front – heavily rounded on the sides and in its lower part.

Aviator eyeglasses for square faces

Fly Boy Aviator Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

An Aviator eyeglasses frame with a slightly curved browline can be just the remedy for your angular features. The Fly Boy Aviator eyeglasses one of the best choices for square face  people.

A style which is usually associated with square or rectangular frames, geek/nerd glasses can take other forms. Here how you can wear nerd/geeky glasses if you have a square face.

The first rule is to loose the corners and to go with curvy lines. Take the hipsterish IT, for example, an oval prescription frame ideal for women with wide square faces. The glasses are thin at their middle part and grow wider as it reaches the sides.

oval eyeglasses for square faces

IT Red Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

oversized red eyeglasses for women

Best shape fit: Round & Oval

Matching square faces with glasses is pretty easy – just look for round frames. That’s it!

The first frame that people with square faces should consider is the round metal frame. It’s a unisex model and it looks equally amazing on both men and women.

Round Metal Eyeglasses for small square faces

Mojo Round Metal Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

Round metal frames are the best glasses for square faces. The bring harmony to your angular face and flatter it with an interesting look. Also, they are small which makes them a good fit for square faces.

 Round classic sunglasses for square faces

Juice Joint Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Round metal frames can come with prescription lenses or sunglasses lenses, depending on your needs. The round sunglasses are ideal for men and women with square faces.

round sunglasses for square faces

Either way, with these stylish frames, your square face will act as a canvas that illustrates exquisite style and attention for details.  


Watson round glasses for men and women – see more styles here!

glasses frames for square face

Owl glasses – See here!

Besides contrasting with the angular features, they take space off your face and keep up with the size of it. Large round glasses such as the Owl are perfect for bigger square faces.

If you are a man with a square face looking for a definitive frame for you, then follow this principle: the thicker the better.

thick frame round eyeglasses for fat square faces

Great Escape Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

These fancy round glasses should keep your wide square face good company.


Great Escape frames with sun lenses


6. Glasses for Diamond-shaped Faces

Diamond-Shaped Faces. A special, and often rare face shape, diamond is characterized by a narrow forehead and hairline with the opposite narrow and sometimes pointy chin. The cheekbones are the widest point of the face and are very prominent. It features straight lines at the temples and jawline.

Choosing glasses for diamond shaped faces is a bit easier than other face shapes: there’s a lot of wiggle room because this face has both angular and curvy features.

why choose progressive lenses for presbyopia


  • Choice frames that balance your forehead – curvy brow lines are best.
  • Wide glasses and sunglasses will cover your cheekbones and create a nice aesthetic with your face.
  • Top heavy frames such as semi-rimless styles will be a great contrast with the pointy chin.
  • Upswept styles like the cat eye will emphasize your cheekbones.


  • Avoid narrow frames, they don’t match broad cheekbones and narrow eyeliner.
  • Thin rimmed frames that are too rounded or too small in height.

Best style fit: Narrow Cat Eye, Aviator & Clubmaster

One rule you need to remember if you have a diamond shaped face is that heavy top frames are a great fit.  Another is to counter a shape with it’s opposite – for example for wide, curved cheekbones, use angular frames.

cat eye eyeglasses for diamond shaped faces

Cat’s Meow Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

Women with diamond shaped faces
can safely wear cat eye glasses. Especially if the frames are wide and reach all the way to the sides of your face. It’s one of the few occasions when you want the frame ends to reach outside of your face.

glasses for diamond face shapes

Look for cat eye glasses that are short in height and wide – oval lenses are usually the ones that fit the pattern.

Cat Eye Eyeglasses for heart shaped faces

Mulberry Cat Eye Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

Aviator glasses are also good for diamond shaped faces if the frame is wide enough. Take Fly Boy for instance – it preserves the Aviator silhouette but adds a curvy browline and prolonged temples to make it wider.

This type of frame suits diamond shaped faces with prominent angular features.

round sunglasses for diamond shaped faces

Flat Iron sunglasses – Get yours here!

You can choose frames with round lenses as long as they have a heavy top and are wide enough to cover your face. The wide aspect is very important because a narrow frame on a diamond shaped face will make you eyes look weirdly close. The heavy top supports a narrow forehead and hairline.

clubmaster eyeglasses for diamond shaped faces

The Fitzgerald Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

Clubmaster glasses are another classic style that goes well with your diamond shaped face. They feature the thicker browline and thinner upper part with prolonged wide temples.

clubmaster eyeglasses for diamond shaped face

They are a hybrid between square and round glasses and flatter diamond shaped faces.

Best shape fit: Round & Oval

If you are looking for a pair of prescription glasses to match up to your oval face you have come to the right place.

Square pink eyeglasses for diamond shaped faces

Madison Pink Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

The Madison frame is a hybrid between round and square glasses. It’s a special model, destined to attract attention and flatter your style.

round eyeglasses for diamond shaped faces

The curvy sides and rounded square lenses are the best answer to your face’s angular points.

The No-Lita is another great option for your diamond shaped face style. The prolonged temples actually make the frame wider, a feature that will flatter your eyes.

round keyhole sunglasses for diamond shaped faces

No-Lita Sunglasses – Get yours here!

The lower and upper parts of the frame are curved to contrast with the rough lines of oblong faces.

They are sunglasses for a diamond shaped face because the prolonged temples make it wide in order to cover your face from temple-to-temple.


Closing thoughts

Choose an eyewear pair that will not only balance your features, but also complement your personal style, a pair that you’re going to feel comfortable and, more importantly, confident wearing.

glasses for oval face shape

Each style has different variants, so it’s a matter of trying on the style you like and checking out different models. If you really love aviator or cat eye glasses, but you’re afraid of how they’ll sit on you, try on different pairs of the style, smaller or larger. Some are rounder, whereas others have more of a square shape, so there’s a match for everybody!

Our virtual try-on frames app is here to help – just upload or take a picture with your camera and try on the pairs you want! Better yet, come to our NY store and play with the frames yourself.

Want more eyewear styles?

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