10 Types of Stylish Sunglass Wearers You See at Summer Festivals & Their Survival Kits

Festival season is here! It’s time to roll out the funky sunglasses & temporary tattoos, colored hair, whip out the selfie sticks and get ready for some serious party time!

No matter if you’re a EDM person, a indie rocker or simply a live music lover, Rule #1 at festivals is you have to look good. Because when you look good, you feel good, and no amount of downpour is gonna bring you down. Rule #2 is bring anything that can make spending a couple of days in a field more pleasurable!

We spotted 10 types of festival goers who just can’t go without sunglasses. Find out which one are you, in what sunglasses to take center stage & what other festival essentials will make your life easier!