Top 10+ Best Men’s Eyeglasses Frames to Raise Your Style in 2018

Wondering what’s hot and cool in men’s eyeglasses frames in 2018We got you covered. 

The very best  trends in men’s eyewear for your wallet & lifestyle are here to rock your year. So hop on and let us guide you through the freshest & newest men frames

All these top rated selling “bad boys” are available in prescription lenses,  progressive lenses, as reading glasses or simply as your  non-prescription fashion accessory.

What Styles of Men’s Glasses Are in This Year?

In 2018 our designers will reinvent classic men’s fashion glasses styles, and give you the power to level up your style and attitude with professorial round frames or classic aviators.

Professional, stylish, geeky, vintage or funky – you can achieve all these looks by changing your style of glasses.

best rated men eyeglasses in style in 2016

Do you want to be the first to know what’s trending? Keep reading to find out how to choose the most popular men’s eyeglass frames!

1. Hipster Eyeglasses Style

These glasses didn’t use to be your safe fashion choice but are now the best selling style of glasses. Previously designed as a simple square shaped style, hipster glasses became popular after many celebrities adopted this look and made them a cultural fashion phenomenon.

Men Eyeglasses

hipster men glasses

Hill Eyeglasses – Get them here!

If you’re a young urban creative, someone looking to impress on a daily basis or eclectic fashion is your thing, then hipster glasses are for you. With thick black fashionable frames, they are the most popular men’s eyeglasses nowadays.

hipster men eyeglasses black 2016

Hill Eyeglasses – Get them here!

The hipster style of eyewear makes a strong fashion statement on your face. With simple lines, the pairs are mostly associated with thick rims, square large shapes, edgy colors, and patterns.

hipster eyeglasses men

The style is vintage inspired, complementing your unique style with fresh designs that won’t make you look basic. If you want to find out more on the hipster style and how it originated, you can read more in this guide on how to choose hipster eyeglasses.

best men eyeglasses 2018

Dapper eyeglasses & Fly Boy by Vint&York

2. Nerd Eyeglasses Style

The thick-framed geek glasses with metallic accents or unusual colors are among men’s most stylish eyeglasses, increasingly popular over the years. This season they are top of the listGeek eyeglasses style is perfect for confident people with an edgy touch, who are not afraid of putting themselves on display.

They offer a contemporary look, being a stylish alternative to the evergreen classic eyewear frames. Add a little dose of poise to your look and have fun with some nerd specs. They are topping the must-have styles list!

nerd men eyeglasses

Jordan – Get yours here!


3. Vintage Eyeglasses Style

Men’s vintage eyewear fashion is meant to transform your look in an oldie-but-goldie, stylish one. To accomplish this style, look for exaggerated, oversized frame styles. Conveying thick rims and double bridges, wayfarers and aviators are frame shapes that shout retro. Inspired by the glorious 50’s and 60’s, vintage eyeglasses include the browline trend.

If you’re going for a vintage look, make sure you choose the right frame styles. Rather than shape, the style is crucial in retro-vintage fashion.

square eyeglasses

The Fitzgerald – Get yours here!

If you’re going for a vintage look, make sure you choose the right frame styles. Rather than shape, the style is crucial in retro-vintage fashion.

mens browline eyewear

Astor – Get yours here!




Want more retro-vintage men’s frames?

4. Classic Eyeglasses Style

Classic eyeglasses for men come in timeless shapes and colors and we easily associate them with the classic look that never goes out of style. They include minimalistic design elements and the color code is usually ranging between black, brown or gray.

men brown square eyeglasses

They are suited for professional environments and attires, but because they’re so clean in design, you can easily pair them with a night look.

Classy and cool, these glasses designs are far from mundane. Ever so stylish.

Traditional colors on rectangular, round or oval frames are the go-to choices for this style. They add gravity to your appearance so they’re specifically made for business. Speaking about rigor, classic tortoise patterns are also trending in business fashion.

clarence-square-reading-glassesClarence Square Reading Glasses – Get yours here!

Top Rated Glasses Shapes & Materials to Choose in 2018

Eyewear frames are particularly important because they add volume to your personal style. They’re the first thing a person sees when looking at you, so the frames you’re wearing say a lot about your personality and style. 

There are many options that should make picking out the perfect glasses really fun. But the selection process can become overwhelming indeed. That’s why we made a list with the most popular frame shapes there is to help you decide.

Let’s see which types of eyeglass frames to go for this year:

1. Oversized Eyeglasses Frames


Figata Square Frame in Honey – get them here.

Large glasses frames are a hot trend and definitely a bold fashion statement to make. This kind of frames go well with many types of faces.

Choosing the right shape and color for your face and eyes ensure a good fit and fashionable appearance. Large glasses enhance your personal style, so prepare yourself to have all the eyes on you!

oversized men eyewear

Keen – Get yours here!

Oversized glasses are the most attention-grabbing accessories you can wear. It’s a must-try trend!


2. Round “John Lennon” Eyeglasses Frames


Flight of Fancy Eyeglasses in Onyx – see them here.

Round men’s eyewear are well suited for the iconic vintage vibe we get when thinking about John Lennon, but round frames are not for everyone. 

oversized mens eyewear

Razz – Get yours here!

If you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement and give a cool trendy vintage vibe, men’s circle glasses are your go-to accessory. They can be seen in most of the festival pictures or fashion street movements – they clearly stood the test of time!


Watson Men’s Eyeglasses – See more colors  here!

Style them with fashion top hats, gears, belts and steampunk-inspired fashion. They usually include bright colors with reflective lenses and patterns currently trending, like oversized rims, large temples, a double bridge or pointed end points.

round glasses men

Big Timer – Get yours here!

Round eyeglasses are the way to go for square-shaped faces with big foreheads, heart-shaped and square-shaped ones. Having wider lenses at the top, they keep balance with a wide forehead. Wondering how would you look with round glasses?

Take your time and think about the way this kind of glasses will fit your clothing style. In fashion, matching is crucial!

men's eyeglass frames with magnetic clip on sunglasses

The Charleston – Get yours here!

round clip on sunglasses for men

The Charleston Clip-on Eyeglasses


3. Clubmaster Browline Glasses

A popular men’s eyewear in the 50’s, men’s browline style is back with a vengeance.

Browline glasses are the go-to accessory for a geek hipster look but they are also suitable as business eyeglasses. They mimic how eyebrows frame the face and offer a hip vibe.

browline glasses men

The Fitzgerald – Get yours here!

browline semi-rimmed glasses

This style of eyeglasses frames are part of the recent hipster glasses movement, but they draw their inspiration from the 60s, the era Mad Men rocked.  

Men’s frames for face shape: This kind of eyewear fits perfectly a narrow face that needs fullness and decreased length. Narrow face shapes need bolder frames to help draw attention to the eyes. Here you can find eyeglasses that fit a narrow face type. 

4. Square Eyeglasses Frames

These high-quality men’s rectangular eyeglasses are a great fit for a classic yet hip outlook. Choose a classic black frame for a refined look. We’ve also got bold colors for the man who likes to make a statement.

rectangular glasses

Hell K – Get yours here!

Men's Eyeglasses
The traditional vibe of rectangle eyeglass frames is a look that will never fade. Their shape is flattering for almost anyone and stays stylish season after season.

men square eyeglasses

Rectangular glasses are wider and sharp-edged and convey an architectural look.

They are a great choice for so many people! You can choose from a variety of materials like metal, plastic, even semi-rimless styles. The smart look of a rectangular shape will emphasize your outfit in a wonderful way.

See the entire square frames collection

Similar to rectangle frames are the pillowed rectangle one. This style boasts a rectangular frame shape that is slightly puffed or curved along the edges.

square hipster glasses for men 2016

Men’s frames for face shape: They fit wide shaped faces and oval ones. You can browse through a variety of models for wide fit faces here.

5. Bold, Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames


Figata Square Frame in Green – get yours here.

With thick-rimmed glasses, you will definitely have that unique retro look that is a hit this season! These bold square frames are sure to be fashionably noticeable wherever you go.

black rimmed glasses

Coffee House – Get yours here!

Even if they have been around for a very long time, black thick glasses passed the test of time and here there are, standing still!

lebron james glasses

Big Six – Get yours here!

Styles come and go, but bold black men’s glasses will always be in style, popular among students and teenagers as well as celebrities and athletes. Did you know they are similar to Lebron James glasses?

lebron james glasses

Lebron James wearing thick rimmed flat top glasses

Men’s frames for face shape: They fit round shaped faces and oval ones. The bold black bridge makes the eyes look farther apart, bringing definition to your face and eyes.

6. Titanium Metal Eyeglasses 

Most metal frames are made out of a copper and nickel base. This metal can be corrosion resistant, strong, and easily adjustedMetallic glasses can be found in a variety of shapes and colors, which makes them a wearer’s top of mind.

Metallic glasses styles range from delicate, semi-rimmed titanium frames and constant classic designs to more sophisticated, streamlined styles with exciting colors.

Wildly popular these days, titanium glasses combine strength with lightweight and offer a great performance. Men’s titanium frames are the lightest frames there is.

They can be thinner and are more flexible than steel or aluminum, even though it’s among the strongest eyewear materials on the market. Durable, stronger and lighter, they are also hypoallergenic and have good resistance to water and acids.

On top of that, keep in mind titanium is a metal that can be colored easily, so guess where the fashionable glasses come from?

7. Flat Top Glasses Frames

Flat top glasses feature a flat top line on the brow and thus ensure a bold appearance and a confident outlook. They have that modern design twist on the vintage-retro styles we know and love most and they quickly became our favorites this year!

Flat top glasses have clean sharp lines across the top which make them a bold fashion statement. Celebrities around the world love them!

flat top men's glasses

Sheik – Get yours here!

sheik flat brow hipster eyeglasses

8. Wayfarer Glasses Frames

Men’s Wayfarer Eyeglasses are the classical, iconic eyewear style that proved to be a universal staple, timelessly stylish. This kind of frames looks good on almost everyone. You can match them with almost any outfit.

wayfarer glasses frames

Get yours here!

Given their iconic history and celebrity among actors and artists, you don’t have to worry. The Wayfarer frames won’t go out of style soon enough.

wayfarer glasses men

Men’s frames for face shape: One of the best men’s frames for round and oval faces. Search for more models suitable for medium and wide fit glasses

9. Aviator Glasses Frames


Devon Frame in Shiny Gold – see them here.

Along with the Wayfarer eyewear, the aviators frames fight to win the title for the most iconic eyeglass model ever made.

aviator men's glasses

Fly Boy – Get yours here!

Originally designed in 1930 for US aviators, they were made popular by Paul McCartney. He was the one to pave their way to the pop culture references. They became very popular in the ’70s.

Usually made from metal, they are characterized by a double or triple bridge and feature large, teardrop-shaped lenses.

aviator glasses men

Get yours here!

Even if you’re looking for a much trendier piece, the Aviators have a feature for you. The plastic rimmed Aviators offer a more fashion wise approach!

aviator glasses in styleMen’s frames for face shape: Perfect for men with a strong jawline and wide forehead


What frames colors are in style?

Shape and color are a part of your visual identity and speak boldly about your outlook.

Choosing the right type of eyewear frames and color is crucial. Keep in mind that they should complement your personal style. Make them a stylish accent! Eyeglasses help create and express your personal style, so what do you what the world to know?

1. Colorful Horn-rimmed Glasses 

If you’re gonna go for some special frames to enhance your facial lines, know that tortoise shell glasses are the highlights of the year for men’s eyewear.

tortoise shell glasses men eyewear

The Roosevelt – Get yours here!

round tortoise shell glasses for men

The Roosevelt in Green Tortoise – Get them here!


Flight of Fancy Eyeglasses in Antique Tortoise – get them here.

Horn-rimmed eyewear is often recognized by their bold appearance on the wearer’s face. Also known as tortoise shell glasses, they have been a constant throughout eyewear history.

horn-rimmed tortoise shell glasses

Swanky – Get yours here!

They bring focus and draw attention to your face and go well with any type of complexion. They are really a backbone to your wardrobe. Have you tried them?


Clarence Glasses in Amber Tortoise Shell

2. Clear glasses frames

Almost invisible from afar, clear glasses frames have that funky vibe we forgot about since we got used to bold colored frames. They have been around since forever, but they recently gained in popularity.

clear frames mens

Keen Clear Eyeglasses (Him) and Cat’s Meow (Her)

Glasses with clear frames are very cool and trendy and are suitable for any kind of complexion and outfit.

large clear frames men

Keen – Get yours here!

Would you go for clear frames glasses? You’d definitely stand out from the crowd!

3. Black glasses frames

If you choose to stay classic with black frames, the shape is really the most important asset you need to figure out. You have plenty options to choose from and you can virtual try on our wide selection of black frames glasses here.

nerd round glasses for men in style

Owl eyeglasses

Non-Prescription Frames or Vanity Glasses

You can switch out your clothes and shoes all you want, but you can’t really replicate the way eyeglasses transform you. Some men simply look better in glasses.

It’s like presenting an alternate version of yourself.  What other accessories can do that? If you’re one of the guys that’s completely changed by a pair of eyewear and your vision is perfect, you can go with vanity eyeglasses.

With plain window glass inside the frames, they have no effect on your vision.

Plano lenses are the option many men go for. These lenses do not contain a prescription because they don’t have any vision-correcting power. An anti-reflective treatment is the single strong recommendation. If glasses really seem a great idea for your personal style, you should certainly be open to the idea of non-prescription glasses.

They come with the original case that is just as fancy as the glasses themselves!

Reading Glasses

Like their name tells us, readers are glasses people use to read.

They feature magnifying lenses, and the frames can be any of your choices. We recommend you to look for larger frames, so you’re comfortable focusing on what you’re reading. Visiting an eye care professional to receive a prescription is needed for your visual health and sight needs.

Visiting an eye care professional to receive a prescription is needed for your visual health and sight needs.

Get your own stylish eyeglasses!

Where can you get eyeglasses in NYC?

round men eyeglasses

Do you already have a favorite style of men glasses? With prescription or just for fashion, whether you like vintage, hipster or classic eyewear,  browse online through our men glasses collection or visit us in the Vint&York flagship store in NoLita, NY!

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