Top 10+ Glasses Shapes & Styles For Heart-Shaped Faces

Looking for a new pair of glasses to suit your heart-shaped face? You’ve probably found out by now that finding the best eyewear for a heart-shaped face is not an easy treat. It’s not rocket science either, with a bit of knowledge you can become an expert in choosing the glasses that will perfectly complement your visage.

Keep on reading to find out what eyewear styles are a match with your face shape!

most surrent glasses for heart-shaped faces

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Glasses That Are a Perfect Fit for Heart-Shaped Faces

The heart shaped face is the most common. If you have a wider, broader forehead and a narrower jawline & chin, you’re part of the club. This may look like an upside-down triangle/pyramid shape. As the face goes up from the chin, which is the smallest point in the face, it becomes wider up until the forehead where it rounds up.

Choosing glasses for your heart-shaped face should focus on taking attention away from the width of the top of the face and broaden the appearance of the chin. Look for frames that are wider than your forehead, or have bold endpoints, like Clubmaster or cat-eye shapes. Keep it classic, simple, and understated frame with rounded end points.

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  • Frames with low-set temples or ones that have heavier bottom frames are perfect for you, because they minimize the width at the top of your face, and will widen the look of your face on the bottom.
  • Round or slightly curved edged glasses will draw the eyes away from a high forehead, so they’re bound to flatter your face shape. Try small oval lenses with low height.


  • Avoid any glasses with embellished tops, very dark frames or decorative temples because they will draw attention to the forehead.
  • Avoid heavy browline frames that will put emphasis on the upper part of your face. Go for a lighter clubmaster inspired style.

Best style fit: Classic cat eye & Clubmaster

The slick lines will concentrate all attention on your eyes instead of the chin while the oval lenses will work beautifully with your facial features.

Classic cat eye

For the guys, Astor semi-rimless glasses for heart-shaped faces are a great option. 

browline semi rimless eyeglasses trends

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The curvy browline disrupts the straight lines of your face in a surprising way that compliments your upper and lower angular features. They draw attention away from your chin and place the center of focus under your eyes where the thin metal rim leaves the impression of nothingness.

Besides being compatible with your face shape, these frames are very stylish and create a professional look that you should take advantage of.

rectangular eyeglasses for heart shaped faces

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One of the best frames for heart-shaped faces is the classic, retro vintage inspired Clubmaster frame.

 clubmaster sunglasses for heart shaped faces

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Dubbed The Fitzgerald, this Clubmaster frame will flatter men and women with heart-shaped faces.

It’s built on the same principles of drawing attention from the bottom of the face and focusing on eye level. It brings balance to your facial features while also upping your style level.

Best shape fit: Oval, Round,  Rectangular & Square


Frames with low-set temples, like the one below, will keep attention to the eyes, away from the forehead.

Bottom heavy oval sunglasses can also help in balancing the forehead’s proportion to the chin’s.


Square glasses suit heart-shaped faces because they bring balance and harmony to the face’s features.  Beautifully crafted with smooth lines, they bring volume to the bottom part of the face.

square oversized sunglasses

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