The New Sunglasses Trends of 2019: What Styles Are In?

You don’t need a blazing sun to wear sunnies, but it’s definitely an incentive, and with summer just around the corner, it’s time you up your game with the hottest sunglasses of the moment.

Don’t worry, we surfed the runaways for designer approved shades and rounded up the latest sunglasses trends for you to try on. From circular to square, vintage to modern, and neutral to bright colored, the Spring/Summer collections have them all.

Keep on reading to find the pair of sunnies that is both popular in 2019 and perfect for your style. Have a look at the most current trends!


This year’s sunglasses trends favor strong geometric frames and vibrant colored sunglasses inspired from the late ‘90s. Have no fear, though, you’ll still find your classics. Just be prepared for nice twists and touches that will make you stand out, while still keeping it low key.

Small ‘90s Skinny Sunglasses

Tiny, “impractical” sunglasses “too small for any UV protection” might be out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go small in 2019.

A staple back in the ‘50, then again in the ‘90s, slim and tiny frames came back with a vengeance last year and rapidly gained followers that swear to this style. Celebrities like RiRi, Kendall, and the Hadid sisters added them to their daily wardrobe, wearing them with both casual and red carpet outfits (thanks Rihanna!).

2019 sunglasses trends for women

Get your Cat’s Meow sunglasses here!

There’s a debate around skinny sunglasses that they don’t offer that much sun protection but they’re so high-fashion that no one is able to stop themselves from joining the crowd. Make sure you pick lenses with maximum UV protection (400) just for good measure.

2019 women sunglasses trends

Chassis women sunglasses in black – See all colors

If you want to exude confidence wherever you go, then small and skinny shades are just the thing for you. To keep the vintage 90’s vibe, look for clean, slightly upswept silhouettes and dark lenses, such as Flapper or Cheaters.

black skinny oval sunglasses

Order the Flapper sunglasses here!

best skinny women sunglasses

Turn your Cheaters black eyeglasses frames into sunglasses here!

For a unique 50’s style frame, light colors and a classic cat-eye shape like Cat’s Meow are your best bet. The pointed ends scream drama and will transform your appearance immediately.

2019 women sunglasses trends

Cat’s Meow sunglasses in white – Grab yours!

Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

Want to shine like the sun in the sky this summer? Then mirrored frames are were made with you in mind. Although flashy and frankly intimidating – how do you feel when you talk with somebody while staring at your own reflection? – reflective sunglasses can be both classy and stylish. Take a look at Olivia Palermo, a long-term fan.

Choose On the Up and Up with blue mirror if you’re on the blonde side to contrast with your hair. Otherwise, go for gold finishing to illuminate your face.

trendy men's mirrored sunglasses

On the Up and Up sunglasses with blue mirror lenses – See them here!

gold metal mirror sunglasses for men

Grab your Ibiza mirrored shades from here!

Clear Sunglasses

On the opposite end of the stick, competing with bright colored frames, are the clear and translucent sunglasses. Seemingly inconspicuous, these nice sunnies are anything but.

Subtle and fashion forward at the same time, it looks like transparent glasses frames are here to stay, whether in their colorless clear versions or the bolder, colorful counterparts.

Discover more see-through frames

Stylish Color Tinted Sunglasses

One of the biggest sunglasses trends that rose from the ashes last year and keeps burning today is the tinted glasses lenses. This sunglasses style comes with a rainbow of pastel colors in terms of lenses for you to take your pick, from light blue and sunshine yellow to pink and burnt orange.

latest colorful lens sunglasses

The Most Wanted trending frames of the moment – Check out the collection for more

They’re not quite sunnies, as they don’t offer much protection from the sun if you’d be wearing them on the beach; rather think of them as an accessory that will dress up any of your spring outfits – just look at how different they look on Millie Bobby Brown, Selena Gomez, Elton John, and Ozzy!

rose tint women sunglasses

Razz sunglasses with pink lenses – See more here!

best tinted sunglasses 2019

Mojo round sunglasses with green tinted lenses – Pick yours here!

More often than not, you’ll find they come with circular frames, perfect for square-shaped faces, but don’t worry fellows with round complexions, we’ve got you covered – just imagine how bad-boy-cool you’ll look with these square shades in pastel blue.

top sunglasses for men 2019

The Firm square frame with blue tints – Check them out!

If you want to stand out from everyone else, choose a timeless double-bridge style that will definitely get you noticed. There’s nothing like a subtle tortoiseshell detail to show off your distinctive sense of style.

men silver metal frame sunglasses

The Charleston round sunglasses with yellow lenses – See more here!

Oversized 70’s Square Sunglasses

Retro-vintage is the rage for some years now. Combined with square and rectangular frames inspired by Grandad’s eyewear, they are any fashion savvy’s favorite. Practical and trendy, these frames are ideal for the summer months, offering full protection from the sun’s wrinkle-causing rays.

Oversized frames like Ritzy give you that mysterious appeal, while the square shape accentuates your angular features, for a more defined look. These red thick frames are your allies if you want to keep all eyes on you.

latest sunglasses trends

Convert your reading eyeglasses frame into sunglassesCheck out Ritzy in red!

If you’re more into subtle accessories, then keep up with the latest sunglasses trends with translucent acetate frames like Keen or with exaggerated square shapes like Beatrice.

stylish unisex sunglasses

Keen square sunglasses – Try them here!

exaggerated square tortoiseshell frames

Grab your 70’s inspired Beatrice sunglasses here!

Square shaped frames are especially flattering for round and oval faces, so if you’ve got one of those, you’re in luck. Find out which sunglasses shape is best for you from our glasses face shape guide.

Want more oversized frames?

Revamped Aviator Sunglasses

Timeless and flattering to both men and women, aviator sunglasses are a popular choice for summer eyewear. This year’s aviator-style goes beyond the norm, introducing sporty silhouettes, both retro and modern styles, in classic size and oversize.

best aviators for women

Check out The Fairbanks aviators here!

in style men sunglasses

Fly Boy aviators with tortoiseshell frames – Get yours here!

A pair of iconic retro glasses can take any guy’s accessory game from zero to hero. Get a mean-looking pair of vintage oversize aviators for your very own interpretation of 70’s badassery.

trendy men sunglasses 2019

Swag aviator in black (left) and tortoise (right)

Check out other aviator frames

Big Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Oversized cat-eye sunglasses are the rave this season as well. Reserved only for women, this feminine silhouette is perfect for elongating the face and emphasizing the cheekbones, adding a certain retro-vintage touch to your style.

green transparent sunglasses

Get your Copa cat-eye sunnies here!

You’ll find both old-school large cat-eye sunnies, as well as modern takes on them. If you’re more of a classic yourself, try our Doll Too, a black cat-eye frame that will make you look and feel like a million dollars without even trying.

popular sunglasses in 2019

Try the big cat-eye sunglasses frame with Doll Too!

audrey hepburn sunglasses

Doll Too sunglasses in black – See more colors

The tortoiseshell pattern will never go out of style. Mix them with a big cat-eye frame and you tick two of the hottest sunglasses trends of the year.

in style sunglasses 2019 trends

The Darby classic cat-eye sunglasses in Cognac Tortoiseshell – Get them here

But if you’re feeling particularly brazen, try the maxed-out Zelda sunglasses in modern patterns. This semi-rimless cat-eye pair of sunglasses screams personality and confidence, saying that you either for big or go home.

macro sunglasses trend 2019

Zelda Oversized Cat Eyes – Make them yours!

trendy cat-eye sunglasses

Zelda sunglasses – See all colors here!

If it’s still not enough, pull all the guns and show off your inner diva with this extreme version of the cat-eye sunglasses style. The details are everything this season!

large cat-eye sunglasses trend

Show-Off vintage cat-eye sunglasses – Take yours from here!

Cool Flat Top Sunglasses

One of the most recent designs to take over the 2019 sunglasses trends is the flat top. Look for metal double-bar details that will elevate your outfits or play it cool with a polished old-school D-frame.

popular summer sunglasses

Caper D-frame sunglasses in brown tortoise – Get them here!

large flat top glasses

Caper sunglasses with metal brow – See more colors!

best flat top singlasses

Take a look at The Draper sunglasses here!

Usually with angular details, this style is flattering for both men and women giving you a cool vibe that will surely make you stand out.

men d-frame sunglasses

Grab the Dreamboat black sunglasses here!

Also dubbed as shield sunglasses, they are a favorite of J Lo, Kim K and Victoria Beckham. The Great will channel your own inner star while offering maximum protection when you bask in the sun on the beach.

celebrity shield sunglasses

The Great D-frame sunglassesTry them!

This style works really well for both men and women, and it’s got a very cool allure thanks to its angular details. Grab them for a festival, a car journey, or any other adventure you’re embarking on this summer.

popular large men sunglasses

Get the Jazz sunglasses in blue here!

Circular Round Sunglasses

Competing with their square counterpart is the circular round frame style. Ideal for faces with angular lines, these babies are are the perfect addition to any outfit, whether you’re in for a car journey, a festival or any other adventure you’re planning for the summer.

best vintage sunglasses

Get No Lita round sunglasses here!

current sunglasses styles and shapes

Get the Moll sunglasses here!

semi-transparent lenses trend

Moll circular sunglasses in brown tortoise- See them! here

Go for an acetate frame if you want a more contemporary casual look or opt for ultra round wire specs to take your style straight back to the 70’s.

in styleround metal sunglasses

Juice Joint retro sunglasses – Get them here!

round sunglasses in style 2019

Grab the round tortoiseshell Poster Child sunglasses here!

Fan of the macro trend? Don’t worry, it doesn’t skip round sunglasses.  Oversized round lens like our Chelsea or Bluenose should be part of any fashionista’s wardrobe in 2019.

best oversize sunglasses 2019

Bluenose blue sunglasses – Get them here!

Discover more round sunglasses frames

Retro “Don Draper” Metal Frame Sunglasses

Reminiscent of John Lennon’s iconic round eyeglasses and the hippie era, metal frame sunglasses are now the go-to accessory of every cool kid around the block – the creative type who wants to go against the current.

coolest sunglasses in 2019


Thin and lightweight, wireframe shades are perfect for festivals and summer getaways.

coolest metal sunglasses 2019

The Swinger vintage round sunglasses – Get them here!

trendiest metal sunglasses

The Swinger sunglasses in brown – See all colors here!

Geometric angular lines are all over the 2019 sunglasses trends so how about combining them with round silhouettes? If you don’t plan on going to Ibiza, these flat top metal sunglasses will bring Ibiza to you.

popular sunglasses trends 2019

Ibiza wire frame sunglasses – Order them here!

geometrical sunglasses trend

Ibiza round sunglasses in brown – See other colors!

recntagular metal frame sunglasses

Take a look at the Bryant sunglasses here!

See our metal collection

Two-Toned Lens Sunglasses

Semi-transparent lenses are one of the hottest trends of this summer. Fun and quirky, this style comes in different shapes and sizes, but either way, they ooze that mysterious allure that’s so critical to any trendy outfit.

Half-frame sunnies with gradient lenses are your closest allies when you want to construct a memorable sunglasses look without looking unapproachable. Ombre frames are better for places where you want to interact and meet people, like festivals. You’ll be able to make eye contact without ever taking them off.

best embellished sunglasses

Clear Glitterati sunglasses with metal details – Get them here!

Bold Embellished Sunglasses

If your style is more on the extreme side then embellished sunglasses will be your favorite 2019 sunglasses trend. When the sun shines high in the sky, these frames will steal the show and make you feel like a queen. Or king.

best statement sunglasses 2019

Pick your own Glitterati sunglasses here!

When you wear a pair of detailed filigree cat-eyes or some sparkly round frames, you don’t even need any other accessories.

extra cat-eye sunglasses

Bearcat vintage metal frame sunglassesCheck them out!


Get the glittered Moll sunglasses here

Men can have their fair share of bling sunglasses. The Torpedo round frame have nice metal detailing on the brow that will emphasize your mean look.

men statement sunglasses

Torpedo round sunglasses with metal detailing – Get them here!

Double Bridge Sunglasses

A strong presence in sunglasses trends, especially men’s eyewear, the double bridge shape is badassness impersonated. Although not a new entry on the list, adding that second brow bar helped it stay at the top – flat top.

double brow sunglasses trend 2019

Around the Block double bridge sunglasses in black – Make them yours!

You can’t keep it low key with this oversized aviator style. The gold details will give away your unique sense of style.

But double bridge sunglasses are not only for the ones with an “extra” fashion style, as they are as versatile as they come. Fit for people with a medium/wide face, these cool gold metal frames will level up any summer outfit.

coolest festival sunglasses 2019

Get your Devon sunglasses here!

Modern Half-Frame Sunglasses

Halfway between rimless retro and full-frame modern eyewear silhouette you’ll find the semi-rimless frames – forever in style. This timeless shape is a must-have as seen in every street style star’s sunglasses collection.

most popular men frames 2019

Grab your own the Bowery semi-rimless sunglasses here!

designer vintage sunglasses men

The Bowery browline sunglasses in brown tortoise – See them here!

This round vintage rims in blue acetate are the perfect example of how round shades are evolving. Gradient lenses create an enigmatic look, while the extra-thick rims show that you mean business.

eccentric cat-eye sunglasses

Get your Nifty sunglasses here!

You’d think that sunglasses in light colors will make you blend in. Well, The Fitzgerald in greystone may match the beach sand, but they’ll bring so much light on your face that you’ll outshine everyone else.

modern clubmaster sunglasses

The Fitzgerald half-frame sunglasses in grey – See more colors!

Vintage Clip-On Sunglasses

Having to always switch between sunglasses and prescription glasses makes summer a pain for eyewearers. But clip-on shades are a stylish way to make ends meet in one practical and trendy accessory. These vintage-inspired frames are a necessity in any fashion monger who takes their retro wardrobe seriously.

fashion sunglasses for men

The Firm sunglasses with clip-on – Check them out!

Round clip-on frames are particularly well-suited for square and diamond-shaped faces, while square frames are ideal for rounder face types.

men's vintage metal sunglasses

The Charleston sunglasses with clip-on – See them here!


If you have a penchant for colorful eyewear you’ll be happy with this year’s selection. From lipstick colors like red, pink and purple, to yellow and orange, all the way down to blue and green sunglasses and everything in between – you’ll see them all! But have no fear, all you classics out there – nude, black and pure white sunglasses are here to stay!

Classic Black Sunglasses

Think of black sunglasses as an LBD for your face. A pair of old-school frames should be part of your accessory collection no matter your preference in style or colors. The Wayfarer and Clubmaster frames are men’s favorite, but women can pull them off just as well.

coolest hipster sunglasses

Old-School Black D-frame sunglasses – See all colors here!

retro sunglasses club masters

The Fitzgerald black browline clubmasters – Get yours here!

retro sunglasses for men club masters

The Fitzgerald in black – Get yours here!

Oversized black sunglasses are very sought after this season, adding that extra bit of that dramatic flair you need to turn heads wherever you go.


Bluenose sunglasses for women – Get them here!

If you’re a die-hard classic fan, you can even opt to get some of our eyeglasses frames fitted with sun lenses, such as Dapper. Alternatively, you can even get prescription sunglasses, to save you the hassle of switching between frames.

Want more black sunglasses?

White Sunglasses

Although a neutral color, there’s nothing to sneeze by when it comes to white sunglasses. Just knowing they were a staple for both Audrey Hepburn and Curt Kobain makes us want to snatch them all in whatever form they may come.


Bearcat Sunglasses in White – Get them here!

Reminiscent of the ‘70s, white sunnies should be your best friend this summer if you’re truly into retro fashion.

white sunglasses 2019 trend

The Garbo white cat-eye sunglassesMake them yours!

best white sunglasses

The Garbo metallic sunglasses in white – Get them online!

See more white frames

Pink, Orange, and Red Lens Sunglasses

Just like 2016 was the year of translucent yellow lenses, the time has come for red-colored sunglasses lenses to make an appearance. See-through lenses have never been sexier: as opposed to dark frames, they invite curious looks and they say that you want to be seen.

best aviator sunglasses 2019

Fairbanks Red Lens aviators – See more colors here!

Colored Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Horn-rimmed is a beloved pattern that stands the test of time, evolving from the vintage round shape to cat-eye, square, oversize and many other modern silhouettes, and, most importantly from the usual brown to the beautiful multicolored tortoise.

Grab a pair of horn-rimmed cat-eyes to show your glamorous style, or step up your game with yellow, amber or even blue tortoiseshell patterns.

colorful oversized cat-eye sunglasses 2019

Zelda oversized cat-eyes – Get them here!

top 2019 women sunglasses

The Beesknees square sunglasses in yellow tortoise – Get yours here!

Check out our tortoise shell guide to learn more about this incredible style.

Fan of tortoiseshell sunglasses?

Red Sunglasses

In the summertime, vibrant colors are your best ally, giving you a lively allure that will charm everyone around you. In 2019, lipstick-colored frames have staked their claim – people are addicted to their bold and sexy vibe.

2019 red sunglasses trend

Zelda sunglasses in cranberry red – Get them here!

Who still sticks by the red is for girls, blue is for boys, should get with the program. These men’s red sporty aviators are ideal for jeans and summer t-shirt outfit.

Red-colored sunglasses caught your eye?

Yellow and Orange Sunglasses

Sunglasses in yellow hues have made a comeback in 2019. A bold, yet versatile choice, yellow specs are perfect for the summer months, and even better for fall, adding a touch of color to your earth-colored wardrobe.

coolest horn-rimmed sunglasses 2019
cool colored tortoiseshell sunglasses

The Bowery semi-rimless sunglasses in orange tortoise pattern – See more colors here!


On the Up and Up sunglasses in matte yellow tortoiseshell – Get them here!

You can play it on the clean, simple side with a full-yellow frame like Peace Out or The Roosevelt, or add show more of your sassy personality with a yellow tortoise such as Nifty.

cool yellow 2019 sunglasses

Peace Out yellow sunglassesMake them yours!

trending round sunglasses

Nifty Half-frame Round Sunglasses – Get them here!

Nude Sunglasses

Nude frames are ideal for those of you who can’t decide which frame in your sunglasses collections is the best fit for your outfit. They are a safe choice and if picked correctly to complement your face shape and color, they will make a statement as any other bold, big and blitzed-up pair of sunnies.


Copa cat-eye sunglasses in nude – Check them out!

Skin-colored sunglasses give an inexplicable expensive and clean vibe that won’t go unnoticed. Grab these nude square frames to top your formal outfits!


The Beesknees Sunglasses – Get them here!

Green and Blue Sunglasses

When you think of summer, you instantly think of colors. They are your best ally this season not only to match the sunny weather but also to be in style. Sunglasses in colors like blue and green will contrast beautifully with your skin and help you feel one-foot taller.

stylish green cat-eye sunglasses

Pick your Doll Too green cat-eye sunglasses here!

The aviator sunglasses style is flattering for both men and women. In the summertime, this light blue version will give you an innocent allure, while the semi-transparent blue lens evokes a certain mystery that will make everyone want to know more about you.

women sunglasses trends 2019

Order Bellissimo retro oval sunglasses here!

best beach sunglasses

The Fairbanks classic aviators with blue rims – Try them here!

Check out more colorful sunglasses frames


2019 sunglasses trends have a wide range of options for you to choose from, no matter your preference. So why don’t you challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone with an awesome pair of sunglasses to top off your outfits this coming season?

If nothing caught your eye yet, browse our trendy women’s sunglasses and cool men’s sunglasses collection for the best vintage-inspired fashion frames!

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