Men's Glasses & Sunglasses for Small Faces

Stylish Men’s Small Eyeglass Frames and Sunglasses

Finding the perfect pair of well-fitting frames is as easy as can be at Vint & York. Our selection of men’s narrow glasses helps you get the perfect fit, both in terms of the way the glasses sit on your face (they won’t fall off when you move your head forward) as well as how they complement and flatter the size and shape of your face. It’s all about blending comfort with good looks with our men’s small glasses frames. It’s always our goal to help you get the ideal pair style- and fit-wise, so don’t be afraid to explore all of our narrower options. The beauty of shopping Vint & York’s selection of narrow-frame glasses is that we don’t make you compromise on style, quality or value just because you prefer a certain size. In fact, we’ve got narrower options in all of the most popular and desirable eyeglass styles, from bold round frames to oversized square styles. Materials like authentically textured acetate and thin, distinguished wire help ensure that you get a look that totally speaks to your personal sense of style. The same goes for our men’s narrow-fit sunglasses. If you’ve got a shade style in mind, we’ve got something in a narrow fit to honor it.

Sizing Men’s Glasses: Narrow Face Tips

These frames feature a narrower lens diameter and frame width than typical glasses. Check each product description for specific measurements. Glasses are measured with three numbers — lens width, bridge width and temple arm length — separated by dashes. For narrower faces, we recommend paying the most attention to the first two numbers. Many of our narrow frames hover between 47 and 50 millimeters, making them ideal for those with medium to narrow faces. Be sure to try on your pair before you buy with our virtual try-on option.
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