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Petite glasses for small faces

Women’s Petite Eyeglasses, Small Glasses Frames

Get the Perfect Fit with Women’s Petite Eyewear

Ladies with petite faces know that it pays to find the right fit. Glasses that are too big can be a major pain because they fall off constantly. Vint & York offers the very best selection of petite eyeglasses and sunglasses to ensure that your frames stay put throughout the day, no matter how active your lifestyle. Typically, our small frames measure somewhere between 44 and 46 millimeters in lens width, making them some of the best eyeglass frames for small, narrow faces. Read more...

The best part about shopping Vint & York for petite eyeglass frames is that we don’t skimp on style. Just because they’re small in size doesn’t mean they’re small in personality. Many bold dressers find their signature pair here, with gorgeous, stand-out styles featuring chunky, patterned acetate, glitzy finishes (hello, Swarovski crystals) and exclusive colorways in unconventional hues. Grab your new favorite pair of prescription, non-RX or progressive petite glasses frames or have your frames fitted with sun lenses for outdoor wear.

Try Before You Buy: Glasses for Small Faces

We know that those with smaller faces can have difficulty finding styles that not only fit properly, but also look great. You need a pair to complement your smaller features without overpowering the face. Luckily, you can use Vint & York’s quick and easy virtual try-on tool to see how any of these cute small-frame glasses will look on your face. With high-quality optics, our prescription lenses are crafted in our in-house lab by expert technicians. Exclusive designs you won’t find elsewhere, and you’ll adore Vint & York’s unique approach to small glasses. Show less...