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Ultimate Guide to Tortoise Shell Glasses

Ultimate Guide to Tortoise Shell Glasses

A huge vintage and hipster revival is taking place right now, and you seriously can’t miss out on it. We here at Vint & York are: talking about the timeless tortoise shell glasses ! With their classic mottled yellow, honey, brown and black tinged look, these beautiful frames are bac...
trendy eyewear for heart-shaped faces

Best Glasses for Diamond Shape Faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face you are a rare bird. Few people in this world have your unique look. And most would love to have your gorgeous cheekbones ! It would be a shame to steal their spotlight with an ill-fitting pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re female or male, choo...
flattering glasses for heart faces

Best Glasses Frames for Heart-Shaped Face

Looking for the ideal glasses to suit your heart-shaped face ? You’ve come to the right place! Vint & York has a great selection of vintage-inspired designer frames for men and women with heart-shaped faces. You’ve probably found out by now that finding the best eyewear for a heart-shaped ...

Iconic Hollywood Movie Stars in Glasses – Vint & York

Movie stars and sunglasses go together like — well, movie stars and sunglasses! Some of the most iconic women of the silver screen created their signature look with sunglasses that shielded them from the paparazzi while helping them look oh-so cool and glamorous. If you wish you were born in a di...
tips to pick glasses for oval faces

The Best Glasses for Oblong & Oval Faces

Why the oblong face? Get excited because Vint & York specializes in offering stylish, affordable glasses frames for all face shapes, including the oblong face. With a fantastic array of high-quality, boutique-style frames and sunglasses that perfectly suit your unique features and sense of ...

Metal Glasses: Gold Glasses, Silver Glasses Frames

Nothing is more timeless than a pair of beautifully crafted metal glasses frames . Simple, elegant, and comfortable, metal frames will showcase your personal style without compromising function. The ultimate question: should I get plastic or metal glasses? Both are excel...