These Cat-Eye Sunglasses Are Your Best Style Move in 2018

A new year brings with it new style improvements. You’re already looking on Instagram and Pinterest for a new pair of stylish sunnies. Post after post, one sunglasses trend pops up everywhere. The timeless, vintage-inspired cat eye sunglasses!

And it’s no wonder. If there’s one frame style that’s gonna take any woman all the way from season to season, it’s the cat eye frame. And here are the best picks of 2018 that really are worth the hype!

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the right pair of cat eye frames. That pair that makes you look younger and feel like you just got styled by a true professional! You’ll also find a bit of history about how they become so popular and what are the 2018 top trends. We even threw in fashion blogger approved style advice on how to wear them in different outfits! Pretty neat, right? Stay tuned and get ready for a cat eye pictures heavy post!

cat eye sunglasses

What Are Cat Eye Sunglasses?

The Classic Cat Eye Shape

To recognize authentic cat eye frames, look for a distinct upswept frame shape. In the UK, these glasses are actually known as ..upswept glasses!

The raised temple edges give the appearance of feline eyes and also make the cat eye frames the quickest and easiest way to elevate your look to new heights. No pun intended!

They really add a lifting effect to your face thanks to their prominent flared outer edges. And we all need that extra “oomph” instant lift. Especially after a week of tight deadlines and way too little sleep.

A Bit of Cat Eye Sunglasses History

Now that you’re clear on what they look like, you might want to read aaaall about cat eye trends and what’s the latest pair to try.

But wait a second! Do you know how they became one of the most popular frames? It’s quite a story, and it all starts with ending the war, and discovering how to make elongated lenses!

cat eye sunglasses for round face

Photo: Cat’s Meow sunglassesBuy Here!

In the early 50’s, after the US war ended and technology started to advance in other parts of the production, people started to experiment with lens shape. Up until that time, glasses came in round shapes because the lenses were – you guessed it – round!

So, when elongated lenses started to be a thing, cat eye sunglasses took off like ..wildfire. Since lenses became more elongated, eyewear designers started to create an elegant elongated frame shape. Embellishments at the top were also designed to make it more obvious they were completely different from whatever eyewear everybody was wearing at the time.

And that’s how the frame became both a fashion statement and a helpful tool for vision correction!

How Did the Cat Eye Sunglasses of the 50’s Look Like?

The original 50s Cat Eye sunglasses style was thinner and angular, with a big swoop look on the temple meant to accentuate the cheekbones.

audrey hepburn sunglasses breakfast at tiffany

The frames were produced for optical glasses until 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore a pair of cat’s eye sunglasses in the Breakfast at Tiffany. The sunglasses she wore were called the “Manhattan”.

Nowadays, cat eye sunglasses are more rounded and better suited for many different face shapes. And the best part is that cat eye sunglasses can come in prescription as well!

prescription cat eye sunglasses

Photo: COPA, prescription sunglassesBuy Here!

What Cat Eye Sunglasses to Choose for Your Face Shape

Because cat eye frames are in fashion more than ever, many sunglasses 2018 variations are all about bold, classy and getting that Instagram selfie-ready look. But with all the shapes to choose from, it’s hard to pick a pair that fits your style and your face shape.

So let’s get into matching your cat eye with your face shape features!

Who can wear cat eye sunglasses? This is a trend that can look good on all face shapes. If you’re not sure the cat eye look is right for you, we’ve found some great shapes that fit every face shape!

Cat eye sunglasses look good on bottom-heavy face shapes such as round, square and triangular because the frame’s shape balances the features out. But they also come in many variations and styles, so they’re wearable for many other types of faces.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Round Faces

The best type of cat eye sunglasses for a round, fuller face, is a pair with angular lines.

black cat eye sunglasses for round face

COPA sunglasses: a classy, timeless, fresh cat eye frame that suits round faces very well.

Go for shades with sharper edges or for an oversized frame that curves upwards, or one with thicker frames. This kind of cat eye sunglasses suits and looks good on anybody that needs to draw attention way from a rounded cheek or a fuller jawline.

white cat eye sunglasses for round face

Photo: COPA sunglasses, edgy and transparent – oversized cat eye sunglasses vintage frames for women Photo: Zelda sunglassesGet yours Here! Zelda is an oversized cat eye that helps a round face become more balanced.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Square Faces

The best type of cat eye sunglasses for a square face is a narrow, subtle frame. If you want to take attention away from an angular facial feature, pick up a subtle cat eye frame with rounded-out edges. The right pair of sunglasses would make a square face look softer.

cat eye sunglasses for square face

Photo: Bearcat sunglassesGet Yours Here!  Bearcat is a modern cat eye, subtle, a softer iteration of the classic cat eye with stylish filigree arms.

black cat eye sunglasses oversized for square face

Photo: Doll Too sunglasses, black – Get Yours Here! Doll Too has rounded edges, which in turn help soften up your features.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Small Faces

Photo: Garbo, cat eye sunglasses - Buy Here!

Photo: Garbo, cat eye sunglassesGet Yours Here!

clear vintage cat eye sunglasses

Photo: COPA sunglasses, transparent – Get Yours Here!

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

cat eye semi rimless sunglasses

Photo: Nifty sunglassesGet Yours Here! Nifty are a cat eye frame that has a burlesque, Dita Von Teese look with detailing or accents on the top, that diamond or heart-shaped faces can benefit from.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Oval Faces

summer cat eye sunglasses for women

Photo: COPA sunglasses, nude – Get yours here!

 Cat Eye Sunglasses for Triangle Faces

cat eye small sunglasses for oval faces

Photo: Darby, small cat eye sunglasses – Get yours Here!

black cat eye sunglasses for oval small face

Photo: COPA black sunglassesGet Yours Here!

cat eye sunglasses for triangle face shape

Photo: Flat Iron sunglasses – Get Yours Here!

And remember: These are just guidelines to help you choose a cat eye that feels in symmetry with your features. But your choice of sunglass shape and style is entirely based on your personal preferences!


The Latest Cat Eye Sunglasses Colors & Trends of 2018 

So know that you know their history, let’s get to the goodies: trends, trends, trends!

The wrong cat-eye pair can immediately send a “cat lady” or “secretary” message. In the 50’s the glasses looked very feminine and glam on everyone from librarians to Hollywood stars, but nowadays those styles would look retro in an outdated way. Only go for revamped, current styles of the classics. Here are some examples of 5 types of cat eye shades that are revamped styles of the classic shape:

Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

Black cat eye sunglasses are now in style more than ever. You hear that every year, so it’s not only a safe investment but your next best fashion move. They really are the black dress of eyewear!

Doll Too Sunglasses

Doll Too Sunglasses

COPA Sunglasses

COPA Sunglasses

White Cat Eye Sunglasses

white round cat eye sunglasses

The Garbo Cat-Eye Sunglasses – Get yours here!

Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses

Large oversized cat eye glasses give everybody a run for their money. These really big and glamorous cat eyes shades will make you feel like a celebrity.

oversized cat eye sunglasses

Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses

Tortoise shell sunglasses are not to be reckoned with. Season after season, they’re in style and paired with a cat eye shape, you’ll soon be getting strangers asking you about your purchase.

tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses

Photo: BeesKnees tortoise sunglassesBuy Here!

 Vintage 50’s Inspired Cat Eye Sunglasses

The modern pin-up look is never complete without a revamped pair of 50’s vintage inspired cat eye frame, with a dramatic ’50s swoop! These shades are a conversation piece and expression of your personal style.

50s retro cat eye sunglasses upswept frames

Photo: Cat’s Meow sunglassesGet Yours Here!


How to Wear Cat Eye Sunglasses: Fashion Blogger Approved!

Even though this style is timeless and a true classic, the cat’s eye frame versatility is quite something. With a single classic pair, you’ll be able to play and create new, fresh combinations, from rock outfits, to bohemian and professional looks.

They’re not just an essential piece for a vintage, pin-up  or classy, Audrey Hepburn looks. And here are the photos to prove it, straight from your favorite fashion bloggers who styled cat eye sunglasses in their outfits!

Urban Outfit

Strolling through the city just got classier! Pair up your vintage-inspired sunnies with a pair of skinny jeans and a loose shirt, grab a small ice coffee and you’re ready to explore!

how to wear cat eye sunglasses outfit

Bohemian Festival Coachella inspired Outfit

You’re going to be dancing in the sun for quite some while, so better have the UV protection your eyes need, all while looking extra chic in a cat eye pair of shades that will turn more heads than the Coachella lineup!

coachella_cat eye sunglasses clear white cat eye sunglasses frames

Beachy Look Outfit

Your summer dress and your favorite pair of flats are all you need besides your trusty UV protection shades!

cat eye sunglasses festival outfit

Going out Shopping Outfit

how to style cat eye sunglasses

Where & how to Buy Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you’re planning to buy cat eye sunglasses online, use a Virtual Try On  and don’t forget to look at the frame’s dimensions. Vint&York has you covered with all sunglasses dimension and a virtual try on that’s a ton of fun!


Don’t miss out Vint&York’s fresh selection of cat eye sunglasses!


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