Have a Diamond-Shaped Face? These Are the Best Eyeglasses & Sunglasses to Match

If you have a diamond-shaped face you are a rare bird. Few people in this world have it. And few people have your gorgeous cheekbones! It would be a shame to steal their spotlight with an ill-fitting pair of sunglasses. Choosing the right eyewear for your diamond-shaped face is not an easy treat, but if you nail it, you get to flaunt everything that your beautiful facial feature entail!

Keep on reading to learn which glasses shape and style matches your diamond face shape!

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Glasses That Are a Perfect Fit for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Diamond-Shaped Faces. A special, and often rare face shape, diamond is characterized by a narrow forehead and hairline with the opposite narrow and sometimes pointy chin. The cheekbones are the widest point of the face and are very prominent. It features straight lines at the temples and jawline.

Choosing glasses for diamond shaped faces is a bit easier than other face shapes: there’s a lot of wiggle room because this face has both angular and curvy features.


  • Choice frames that balance your forehead – curvy brow lines are best.
  • Wide glasses and sunglasses will cover your cheekbones and create a nice aesthetic with your face.
  • Top heavy frames such as semi-rimless styles will be a great contrast with the pointy chin.
  • Upswept styles like the cat eye will emphasize your cheekbones.


  • Avoid narrow frames, they don’t match broad cheekbones and narrow eyeliner.
  • Thin rimmed frames that are too rounded or too small in height.

Best style fit: Narrow Cat Eye, Aviator & Clubmaster

One rule you need to remember if you have a diamond-shaped face is that heavy top frames are a great fit.  Another is to contrast a shape with its opposite – for example for wide, curved cheekbones, use angular frames.

cat eye eyeglasses for diamond shaped faces

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Women with diamond-shaped faces can safely wear cat eye glasses. Especially if the frames are wide and reach all the way to the sides of your face. It’s one of the few occasions when you want the frame ends to reach outside of your face.

Look for cat eye glasses that are short in height and wide – oval lenses are usually the ones that fit the pattern.

Cat Eye Eyeglasses for heart shaped faces

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Aviator glasses are also good for diamond shaped faces if the frame is wide enough. Take Fly Boy for instance – it preserves the Aviator silhouette but adds a curvy browline and prolonged temples to make it wider.

This type of frame suits diamond shaped faces with prominent angular features.

round sunglasses for diamond shaped faces

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You can choose frames with round lenses as long as they have a heavy top and are wide enough to cover your face. The wide aspect is very important because a narrow frame on a diamond shaped face will make you eyes look weirdly close. The heavy top supports a narrow forehead and hairline.

clubmaster eyeglasses for diamond shaped faces

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Clubmaster glasses are another classic style that goes well with your diamond shaped face. They feature the thicker browline and thinner upper part with prolonged wide temples.

clubmaster eyeglasses for diamond shaped face

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They are a hybrid between a square and round glasses and flatter diamond-shaped faces.

Best shape fit: Round & Oval

If you are looking for a pair of prescription glasses to match up to your oval face you have come to the right place.

Square pink eyeglasses for diamond shaped faces

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The Madison frame is a hybrid between round and square glasses. It’s a special model, destined to attract attention and flatter your style.

The curvy sides and rounded square lenses are the best answer to your face’s angular points.

The No-Lita is another great option for your diamond shaped face style. The prolonged temples actually make the frame wider, a feature that will flatter your eyes.

round keyhole sunglasses for diamond shaped faces

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The lower and upper parts of the frame are curved to contrast with the rough lines of oblong faces.

They are sunglasses for a diamond-shaped face because the prolonged temples make it wide in order to cover your face from temple-to-temple.

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