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Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Oprah herself. All of these style icons have one thing in common (besides being ladies to look up to): they rocked cat-eye glasses. If you love this statement-making, retro-inspired look, you’ll positively adore our selection of cat-eye glasses and sunglasses. Vint & York is the very best place to look if you’re seeking your new signature pair, whether you desire a pair of classic, designer cat-eye sunglasses or a bling-encrusted style studded with Swarovski crystals. Take a prowl for our whole collection for big-time inspiration. Like all of the styles dreamed up by Vint & York’s creative designers, these cat-eye frames are anything but basic. They pile on the charm and personality with extra-special textures, patterns, color combos and finishes. Our popular acetate frames deliver that trendy, chunky look that’s become so desirable with regard to the cat-eye frame, and they really bring to life bold colors and fun patterns like authentic-looking wood grain, florals and tortoise shell. Prefer the simplicity of a solid color or wire frames? We’ve got those too, of course!

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In addition to ultra-stylish prescription, non-prescription and progressive cat-eye lenses, you can also order any of our high-style cat-eye frames with sunglass lenses. All of our sunglasses are made with premium-quality Carl Zeiss lenses that not only provide exceptional optics for clear vision on sunny days, but also keep your eyes safe from UV rays. Remember, all Vint & York glasses include free returns and free shipping (plus, you can try them on virtually before you buy ), so you can be sure you’ll get the right pair when you partner with us.
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57 items

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