Men’s Hipster Glasses and Sunglasses

Hipster Eyeglasses, Exclusively for Vint & York

If you get your style inspo from the streets of Brooklyn, Portland or Austin, you’ll fit right in wearing Vint & York’s statement-making men’s hipster glasses frames. This ultra-fashionable eyewear collection completely embodies the hipster aesthetic. Edgy-meets-artsy styles that are designed to become one’s signature. We’ve reimagined all the most iconic shapes and styles, including clear, wire and acetate frames that are unlike anything you’ll find in your local eyewear shop. In other words, this is the collection for the style trailblazer looking to start their own fashion revolution.

You Wore Them Before They Were Cool

In our selection of undeniably cool hipster glasses, men of many personalities will find something to strike their fancy. Inspired by O.G. hipsters like Buddy Holly and Bob Dylan, we’ve got classic, thick-framed glasses that perfectly showcase your hipster-inspired sense of style. Solid black acetate frames are always timeless in this style, but our designers have added their own special flair with unique textures and colorways you won’t find elsewhere. Authentic looking wood grain, tortoise shell and unconventional colors round out this original collection.
All Vint & York glasses are exclusive designs made by our team of NYC designers. Though they look like high-end, boutique eyewear, they’re priced for all budgets and backed by our free shipping and free return policy. Order your pair with progressive lenses, prescription lenses, sun lenses or — in the ultimate hipster move — non-RX lenses. (Because those with perfect eyesight shouldn’t be excluded from cool, hipster fashion.) Don’t forget to shop our hipster sunglasses and check out every pair you like with our virtual try-on tool before you commit to a single style.
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