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Nerdy Glasses

Men’s Nerdy Glasses, Nerdy Sunglasses – Vint & York

Setting Trends in Men’s Nerd Glasses

Is anybody else thrilled that geek-chic fashion is totally in style? It means we get to wear geeky glasses, and we’re not mad about that. Vint & York’s highly rated collection of nerdy glasses for men proves that nerdy is cool, no matter how you frame it. There’s a pair for every face shape and flavor of geek in this amazing array of exclusive, designer frames. Read more...

With these boutique-inspired nerdy glasses, men of all personalities can showcase their high-fashion side. What makes a pair of glasses nerdy, you ask? It’s all about the silhouette. One of our very favorite nerdy shapes is the square or rectangular frame with a top bar. These classic 1980s-inspired frames harken back to the golden age of the nerd (think: Harold Wormser from “Revenge of the Nerds”) and look especially great when done in a slim, metal frame. If you’re a retro-loving nerd, go for a pair inspired by Buddy Holly or Malcolm X.

High-Quality Nerdy Glasses Tailored To You

Our geek-chic glasses aren’t just about good looks; we can have whatever pair you like fitted with your prescription, progressive or non-RX lenses. Every pair of prescription lenses from Vint & York is made by skilled professionals in our in-house lab, with high-quality materials featuring an anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating. They’re also finished with a layer of UV protection, so they help safeguard your eyes when exposed to damaging UV rays.
Not sure which style to buy? Take a look in the mirror (or your computer screen) and try a few pairs on using our virtual try-on system. Show less...


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