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No-Compromise Men’s Wide Frame Glasses

When it comes to finding eyeglasses for wide faces, men tend to have it rough. Your choices are often either: good-looking, properly fitting, high-quality or affordable, rarely all four. At Vint & York, our goal is to craft actually stylish wide frame glasses, with zero compromise whatsoever. These frames and sunglasses are specifically designed to accommodate wider faces, with wider bridges and lenses so you don’t feel like you’re stretching your favorite pair. A comfortable, pressure-free fit means you can focus on what’s in front of you and worry less about your specs. The Vint & York team has designed and curated a collection of premium-quality, affordable wide frame glasses for men who err on the fashion-forward side. Even though their primary goal is to provide a custom-like fit, they’re also attractive enough to play to your personality and integrate into your wardrobe, with a huge variety of styles available. Shop glasses in a huge assortment of frame shapes and finishes to find game-changing statement specs and everyday styles that go with everything. We specialize in eyewear with a vintage-inspired flair, but you’ll also find styles that feel hipster, geeky, futuristic, classic and simplistic.

Boutique-Quality without the Boutique Price

Vint & York men’s eyewear is designed with the same premium quality and exclusive designs as the expensive boutique glasses brands out there, but they’re meant to be affordable and easy to style. Our eyeglass lenses are made in our in-house lab and feature anti-reflective, anti-scratch coatings to keep them in tip-top shape for many seasons of wear. With a one-year limited frame warranty and free returns, there’s no reason not to give these glasses a look. Don’t forget to explore our variety of wide men’s sunglasses to find a style for all occasions.
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87 items

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