Progressive Glasses


Progressive Glasses

Progressive glasses, also called multifocal lenses, PALs or varifocal lenses, are corrective lenses that correct presbyopia and other vision disorders.


Tired of constantly switching between distance, intermediate and reading? Our progressive glasses got you covered so you can enjoy the benefits of three pairs at the same time.

Line-free multifocals that help you see the world clearly at any distance!

At Vint & York all of our progressive lenses are custom-tailored based on your specifications including measurements, frame shape and size, prescription, and other details. Our laboratory is equipped to handle all types of prescriptions - crafting the most accurate true digital free-form progressive lenses.

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What Are Progressive Glasses

Why have several pairs of glasses for different activities – reading, computer use, distance, television watching, etc, when you can have progressive glasses?

Progressive glasses or PALs are a type of optical eyeglasses used to correct distance, intermediate (computer usage), and near (reading usage) at the same time. To work like this, they use multifocal lenses. Our Progressive Lenses are developed with Digital HD Freeform technology - the best and most advanced on the market. A progressive lens is an amazing piece of engineering, allowing multiple vision fields to be incorporated into a single lens without any clear distinction between the fields themselves.

Progressive glasses are best for presbyopia and other vision disorders!

Our progressive lenses give you the convenience of only needing one pair of specs and eliminate the need of switching between multiple pairs.

How Progressive Glasses Work

Progressive lenses are ”multifocal” lenses that give a seamless progression of many lens powers for clear vision no matter the distance. They work by having a gradual change in strength from the top of the lens to the bottom and multiple focal points in between. The upper part of the lens contains the distance power, the middle of the lens has the intermediate ranges, and the lower portion, the reading part.

Distance vision- is through the upper part of the lens. Straight ahead eye level for activities like driving and looking for faraway objects.

Intermediate vision - is through the middle of the lens. Approximately arm’s length eyesight is used for tasks such as computer work.

Near vision - is through the lower part of the lens. For close-up eyesight and activities such as reading.








At Vint & York all of our progressive lenses are custom-tailored based on your individual specifications including measurements, frame shape and size, prescription and other details. Our laboratory is equipped to handle all types of prescriptions - crafting the most accurate true digital free-form progressive lenses.

Progressive Lens Options

We can fit all types of prescriptions and offer the following types of progressive lenses:

  • Digital Progressive Lenses - Customized precisely for your one-of-a-kind eyes!
  • Today, the world is digital and now your glasses can be too! Digital progressive lenses have a wider area for distortion-free reading and sharp distance vision. This ensures the most precise prescription based on the shape of your face, how you prefer to wear your frame and the position of your eyes.

  • Progressive Reading Lenses
  • Progressive reading lenses have no prescription in the top part of the lens but have the reading prescription in the bottom. This allows you to wear glasses full-time without having to take them on and off.

  • Progressive Lens Sunglasses
  • Progressive sunglasses are just like your regular, fashionable sunglasses, but with your prescription in the lenses. Enjoy sharp vision at every distance during outdoor activities – whether you’re hiking, going on a road trip, or reading on the beach. When the sun is up, you need a quality pair of progressive sunglasses to block UV rays and correct your vision.

  • Photochromic Progressive Lenses
  • Photochromic (ex: Transitions) lenses are clear inside and darken when exposed to UV light outside. They are available in almost all lens types and prescriptions as well as several color options.

  • Blue Light Protection Progressive Lenses
  • Blue light is emitted from the sun as well as from digital devices. Progressive lenses with blue light protection will provide you with clear vision when working on a computer screen and help to reduce visual fatigue.

  • Computer Progressive Lenses
  • If you have a desk job that involves a lot of computer work, you might benefit from computer progressive lenses. The top part of the lens has the intermediate prescription so when you look straight ahead at your computer, the screen is clear with a wide field of vision. This allows for a more relaxed, comfortable computer viewing experience.

    ** This is a custom purchase and can be more expensive. Add it manually on your order or have it specified over the phone.

    Most Vint & York optical frames can be fitted with progressive lenses – just add your favorite frame and be sure to select “Progressive Lenses” during the checkout.

Progressive Lenses Brands

In addition to our in house digital progressive lenses we offer the following brands of progressive lenses on request







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Medically reviewed by Dr. Karen Dorman. Dr. Karen Dorman is a Doctor of Optometry who was in private practice on Long Island, NY for over 40 years. She was also an  Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology at St. John's University in Queens, NY.  She received a BA in biology from Albany State University and her OD degree from New York College of Optometry in NYC. She is currently consulting and mentoring virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.