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Take Your Glasses into the 21st Century

You’re a citizen of the future, and everything around you is high-tech, except for, arguably, your lenses. These days, it’s all about the ultra-adaptable progressive lens. What are progressive lenses, you ask? Basically, they’re the modern-day version of bifocals, allowing you to see clearly at all distances with only a single pair of glasses. Unlike old-school bifocals or trifocals, Vint & York’s stylish progressive glasses don’t have any unattractive lines and are capable of several different power zones, giving you vision versatility.

Also known as multifocal lenses, these are truly the glasses of the future. Within each lens, technicians are able to seamlessly add three different viewing powers, including distance, intermediate and reading. Get crystal-clear optics when you’re driving, working, reading or watching TV with just one pair of stylish progressives. That means that you can rid your purse, backpack, desk or suitcase of all those cheap reading glasses you’ve got piling up. A truly freeing feeling for the modern minimalist!

Exclusive, Actually-Stylish Progressive Glasses

At Vint & York, we work hard to craft the perfect pair for you. We can fit yours with a range of upgrades, including blue light protectors, digital lenses (HD), sunglasses lenses, high index lenses and photochromatic lenses, and upgrades are available to cutting-edge lenses made by Zeiss, Shamir and Varilux,. Offering enhanced optics courtesy of a wider viewing area, no distortion and sharp distance viewing, we’re sure you’ll love these lenses. The experience of switching to multifocal glasses is easy when you partner with us. Buy progressive lenses online at Vint & York and enjoy free shipping and a one-year limited frame warranty!

Starting at $225, in every
shape & style

Smooth Transition:

Never Switch
Reading and
Distance Glasses

Digital progressive lenses have a wider area for distortion-free reading and sharp distance vision.

An additional benefit of getting the digital progressive lenses is gaining a high clarity vision in the intermediate distance area (between reading and distance). This increased vision is very useful for computer use and other everyday activities.

Our progressive lenses give you the convenience of only needing one pair of specs and eliminate the need of switching between multiple pairs.

Progressive Lenses Are Custom Made for You, So You Get Accuracy and Precision for Clear Vision.

At Vint & York, all of our progressive lenses are custom-tailored with your individual specifications, measurements, frame shape and size, as well as other factors.

Our laboratory is equipped to handle all types of prescriptions and produce the most accurate true digital free-form progressive lenses.

Types of Progressive Lenses:

We can fit all types of prescriptions and offer the following types of progressive lenses:

  • Progressive Digital Lenses (HD)
  • Progressive High Index Lenses
  • Progressive Sunglasses Lenses
  • Progressive Photochromatic Lenses
  • Progressive Lenses with Blue Light Protector

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