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Today, the world is digital and now your glasses can be too!

Progressive glasses, also called multifocal lenses, PALs or varifocal lenses, are corrective lenses that correct presbyopia and other vision disorders.

Our Progressive Lenses are developed with Digital HD Freeform technology - the best and most advanced on the market.

Don't miss out on the advantages of wearing progressive glasses and sunglasses.

Starting at $225, in every
shape & style

Smooth Transition:

Never Switch
Reading and
Distance Glasses

Digital progressive lenses have a wider area for distortion-free reading and sharp distance vision.

An additional benefit of getting the digital progressive lenses is gaining a high clarity vision in the intermediate distance area (between reading and distance). This increased vision is very useful for computer use and other everyday activities.

Our progressive lenses give you the convenience of only needing one pair of specs and eliminate the need of switching between multiple pairs.

Progressive Lenses Are Custom Made for You, So You Get Accuracy and Precision for Clear Vision.

At Vint & York, all of our progressive lenses are custom-tailored with your individual specifications, measurements, frame shape and size, as well as other factors.

Our laboratory is equipped to handle all types of prescriptions and produce the most accurate true digital free-form progressive lenses.

Types of Progressive Lenses:

We can fit all types of prescriptions and offer the following types of progressive lenses:

  • Progressive Digital Lenses (HD)
  • Progressive High Index Lenses
  • Progressive Sunglasses Lenses
  • Progressive Photochromatic Lenses
  • Progressive Lenses with Blue Light Protector

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Covered by insurance

Most vision insurance will reimburse you for Prescription Sunglasses. We currently don't participate with any insurance providers. However, we are happy to provide an itemized receipt upon request.

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