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Your glasses are arguably one of the most functional accessories you own, so they need to be simultaneously stylish, comfortable and beneficial to your eyes (if you opt to have them fitted with your prescription, that is). The Vint & York women’s optical department is teeming with attractive prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses that check all of these boxes and more, so you find a pair that’s completely and totally you, with zero exceptions. We focus on producing premium quality specs with exclusive designs, so every pair brings you nonstop compliments. Need specifics? Here you go! Our women’s eyeglasses are made for the ultimate in performance and comfort, with American-made prescription lenses featuring anti-reflective, anti- scratch coatings. Even if you opt for a pair of our non-prescription glasses for women, you can count on a premium optical experience and durability to boot. Made of high-quality, lasting materials — such as strong celluloid acetate — Vint & York classes are sure to stay in the rotation long after they’re new.

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As you’ll see from our massive selection, we don’t skimp on style, either. Our exclusively designed frames are dreamed up in New York City by a team of discerning designers with a knack for the unique, retro, classic and statement-making. Find a style that honors your personality and wardrobe, including nerdy, hipster, minimalist, modern and vintage-inspired eyeglasses. From Swarovski crystal-studded styles to sturdy acetate frames finished with wood and leather textures, these specs help celebrate your style.
We invite you to try a few pairs on for size with our virtual try-on option. What’s more, you can take advantage of our free, easy returns if you’re not completely happy with the pair you’ve chosen.
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