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Rectangular frames bring just the right amount of geek-chic to complement any woman’s edgy look. With angles that mean business and style for days, the Rectangular Women’s Collection at Vint & York has something for every woman with a vision.

To stand out in the boardroom or behind the scenes, our oversized rectangular glasses frames bring bold lines and an array of striking colors to the table. Some are classically squared off while others round it out with softer edges. But they all make a statement that shows you’re not afraid to step up and take charge. For a more understated look, we’ve included classic browline styles that keep it classy while still getting down to business. Go subtle with soft hues like gray or white — or embrace your inner bookworm with a dark tortoise and metal combo that recalls the 1950s.
And don’t underestimate the power of an updated cat eye frame for the ultimate feminine power grab. This flirty style goes modern with sizes from sleek little kitties to Maine Coon big in fun colors to complement any complexion. Especially fitting on round or oblong faces, cat eye glasses are an unexpected twist on the rectangular shape profile.
Whichever women’s rectangular glasses or sunglasses frames you choose, you’ll clearly see that your Vint & York selection was thoughtfully designed and crafted from the highest-quality materials. And with some of the best price points anywhere online, the Vint & York collections offer you the chance to see more possibilities for your future.
Browse all our high-quality frames online, use our simple Virtual Try-On Page to narrow down your faves, and visit our expert eye care team in person at our NYC store in the trendy NoLito neighborhood. Your women’s rectangular glasses or sunglasses frames will be delivered right to your door, free of charge!
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