Women's Square Eyeglasses

Women’s Square Glasses for All Personalities

It’s hip to be square! We know it’s cliché, but it’s so true when it comes to modern eyewear. In the realm of optics shapes, few are as bold and defined as square. Rocked by fashion icons and trailblazers of every decade, women’s square eyeglasses offer that oh-so-trendy angular look that’s one part geek, one part chic. Although square eyeglass frames are unique in that they truly look great on most face shapes, they’re especially ideal for those with soft, rounded features to bring a bit of interesting contrast.

Variations on Square: Choosing the Right Square Glasses Frames

Whether you adore the modern or vintage-inspired, square eyeglasses from Vint & York will get your gears spinning. Because our frames are created by innovative designers who quite literally think outside the box, we use the term “square” rather loosely when defining our glasses. Here, square may also mean modified, aviator or, simply, square-ish. But if you’re in the market for a pair that’s gorgeously geometric, you’ll surely find it here. With so many sizes and variations on square, there’s no-doubt a square pair here that’s 100 percent you. Naturally, our square frames and sunglasses come in tons of amazing colors, materials and textures as well. For that thick, bold, steal-the-show look, try on some of our eye-catching square acetate frames featuring fun textures like authentic-looking wood, florals, tortoise shell and more. If you love a simple look to play to your inner (and outer) minimalist, then grab a pair of our square wire-frame glasses. Not sure which style us best for your face shape or features? Give them a go with virtual try-on option from Vint & York.
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