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Glasses & Sunglasses for Oval Face Shape

Your face shape can help determine the style of glasses that looks best on you. If your face is oval shaped — slightly elongated with a narrower, rounded chin and cheekbones that sit a bit high — you’ve hit the genetic jackpot. Oval-shaped and oblong faces are the easiest to pair with great-looking glasses frames because they look good in virtually everything!

Since you oval-faced beauties can rock so many different looks, we’ve curated a collection of glasses and sunglass frames that cover a lot of ground, style-wise. From oversized and chunky to sleekly sexy to angular and funky, this collection brings serious vintage-inspired style to the table. Your unique sense of fashion should be your guide in choosing the perfect glasses for your well-balanced oval face. If you like to make a statement before saying a word, our oversized options in vivid colors and luxe accents will gladly lead the way. But if you prefer to hang back and let all the drama play out from afar, we’ve got classic styles that keep your sizzle on the down-low. We’ve also got some middle ground we can all agree on, like updated aviators and timeless metal frames.
For the ultimate versatility, we’ve even included options with magnetic clip sunnies. Whether you need prescription glasses for your everyday vision or you’re simply making a fashion statement with non-Rx glasses, these beauties go from clear and clever to undercover in the snap of a magnet.
For high-quality eyeglasses and sunglasses delivered directly to your door — for free! — you won’t find a better selection at more affordable prices than at Vint & York. Check out our easy-to-use Virtual Try-On Page to see how our vintage-inspired frames are ideal for male or female oval faces.
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218 items

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    As low as $249.00
    As low as $249.00
    As low as $249.00
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    As low as $319.00
  8. LYRIC
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  10. PENN
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    As low as $319.00
  12. WILSON
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