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Wooden Collection

Wooden Collection Glasses & Sunglasses – Vint & York

Wooden Collection Glasses & Sunglasses

Get the look and feel of real wood with the Wooden Collection of glasses and sunglasses frames from Vint & York. While our wooden collection looks like the real wood deal, the frames are actually made of lightweight acetate. This means they’re even more comfortable, durable and long lasting than wooden glasses would be.
Wooden frames align perfectly with the hipster look, especially when delivered in our vintage-inspired styles. Choose from faux woodgrain tones that range from ebony to walnut to redwood, each making a spectacularly unique statement all its own. Read more...

One of the statements wood makes is retro, as you’ll find wood accents in everything from eclectic art deco to midcentury modern décor. Wooden glasses frames likewise add a dash of retro to your overall style, whether you’re looking to rock the geek-chic look of the 1950s or the even further back in the world of fashion.
How far back? Try the 13th century. That’s right. The first wearable glasses were often made of wooden frames, with glass-blown lenses set inside the frames. So you’re not only knocking a killer look out of the park with the Vint & York wooden frames, but you’re able to share an intriguing piece of history, to boot.

Try on Wooden Glasses Frames

But we know you’re not looking for a history lesson. You’re looking for glasses frames that look cool, feel good and suit your face. That’s easy to find with our Virtual Try-On page. It’s a try-on widget that turns your device into a virtual mirror, in real-time. You don’t even have to snap a pic for it to work, as it functions on live camera without taking any images. Give it a go!

Once you see how dashing you look in our high-quality, designer wood glasses frames, you’ll be ready to narrow down the exact style that gives you the panache you want and need. Your next step is to upload your prescription or opt for non-Rx lenses, and we’ll take care of the rest. Shop vintage-inspired faux wood glasses now at Vint & York.
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